Proposed changes to Iron Fist

- Replace his ability to armour break with armour shatter (can stack)
- Sp3 activates the “Iron Fist buff,” which lasts so long as you don’t get hit and makes all armour shatters indefinite debuffs. (Would also be cool if they changed his animation so when he has this buff his fist glowed)
- Sp1: launching it doubles armour shatters you have on the opponent.
- Sp2: increased crit rate for each armour shatter + final hit deals a burst of energy damage equal to number of shatters, and then consumes the shatters.

I am not familiar enough with the stats of MCOC to know how this would all scale, but I feel this would be at least a positive change to an underwhelming champion. I also think he should have more added to his kit then this, which I have some vague ideas of myself, but wanted to see if we could get a discussion started about this.

So thoughts? What else would you add? Do you think some of my ideas need changing? Or do you have a completely different idea on how you'd buff Iron Fist? Would love to hear some love for improving one of the OG's of MCOC.


  • The_Sentry06The_Sentry06 Posts: 4,713 ★★★★★
    Seems like a good buff to make Iron Fist good for longer fights although there should be a cap to the armor shatters.
    Also maybe some utility like heavies nullify buffs(currently already in his kit I think) and he gains additional power when striking crits to makes his ramp up easier.
  • RookiieRookiie Posts: 2,739 ★★★★★
    Yeah someone came up with the concept of a Chi charge the other day.
    Can't pretend to have read it, that was the only thing that caught my attention, so here's what I would do with a Chi charge:
    Iron Fist increases his concentration the longer he goes on in a fight, without getting hit

    1) Every 10 hits on the combo meter grant him one Chi charge, maximum stacks of 5

    2) Each Chi charge gives him an indefinite Precision buff (10%) & Prowess buff (10%)

    3) Launching a special attack converts each Chi charge into an Armour Break debuff, reducing Armour by 500 for 5 seconds

    Rinse & repeat

    Also if the SP3 could Nullify opponents abilities that would be 👌🏽

    Something along those lines would be nice
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