Solving Alliance Help issue

Dear Kabam
Why don't you completely remove the alliance help option? It would reduce the stress on your sever and programmers. I don't think there is anybody who would miss the feature.
Just make sure to reduce the cooling timer of the arena champions of different rarity appropriately and make available the stamina refills available for purchase in exchange of units. And don’t forget to add an option to earn that daily 1k loyalty by objectives or something else.
I believe this will be an win win situation for every party involved.


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    DaddriedaDaddrieda Posts: 1,574 ★★★★
    The help request isn’t the core problem. I left my alliance almost a week ago and all the kick out and so on stopped to bug and kick me out for anything I did in the game. Then suddenly a emergency maintenance and now everyone gets a kick out from the game for doing too much of help request or whatever it was doing that caused it.

    It just shows that there’s nothing wrong with your phone and the issue is the whole section area of alliance since the alliance area is connected to lots of things in the game with help request, donation, alliance quest and alliance war and so on etc etc etc etc causing to burden the servers which in turn causes a kick out, lags, spike lags, unresponsive feedback and so on.

    I swear to game god that it feels a little easier to revert my decision to get a brand new phone just because of the issues that is happening to everyone.
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