What do I do now?

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Plz guide what should I be doing now

What do I do now? 22 votes

Story Completion
ProximaMidnight_8Thicco_ModePratham02Hazzalec1Gr8TonyStarkRayaan_2000DarkKnight646avenge_123DustingJamesPuff 10 votes
Story Act 2,3,4 Exploration
GhostboytjieSneakyWarriorFlashSpideyshield456 4 votes
Event Quest
Raichu626CheesePizzaRedRaviDavi 3 votes
Side Quest Hades and Limbo
Cliffordcan 1 vote
Special Quests RoL and Road to labirinth
The_Sentry06[Deleted User] 2 votes
Back Issues
KDSuperFlash10 1 vote
Constent Tries at convention clash
TheHoodedDormammu 1 vote
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  • Rayaan_2000Rayaan_2000 Posts: 655 ★★★
    Story Completion
    5.3 might be a little bit difficult initially but try it out and if that's too much for u just do eq, side quests and rank up your good 5 stars and 4 stars(like doom for eg. who I think u have as a 4 star) and grind arena for some units if u don't have units
  • JamesPuffJamesPuff Posts: 55
    Story Completion
    Story content is the way to go. Or do act 4 exploration, for level up.
  • Hazzalec1Hazzalec1 Posts: 545 ★★★
    Story Completion
    Get cav if u haven’t already
  • BerjibsBerjibs Posts: 1,270 ★★★★
    I would say milk the UC eq and side quests every month without fail as they give the best rewards and expire monthly obvs. This will progress your account.

    Do the story completion in between that you are capable of doing itemless or at least unitless after that.

    If you get stuck and have cleared the monthly stuff fall back on itemless act 4->5.1 exploration to get mastery points, always while running XP boosts. Maximise the boosts by keeping energy refills for when you are running them.
  • shield456shield456 Posts: 1,934 ★★★
    Story Act 2,3,4 Exploration
    Hazzalec1 said:

    Get cav if u haven’t already

    I just became uc
  • avenge_123avenge_123 Posts: 1,304 ★★★
    Story Completion
    Man i'm just going to try my hand on Rol....do whatever you want
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