Featured 5* Crystal love.

So I 100% Cav and had the shards to pop a 5* featured, and all my hard work paid off.


  • shield456shield456 Posts: 1,986 ★★★
    Rank 5 him now and max sig him next inatant
  • gage201205gage201205 Posts: 510 ★★★
    These crystals are rigged.. last 20 features zero featured champs
  • Jazzy011Jazzy011 Posts: 81
    I'm 30 crystals deep, still don't have him. Just keep duping analis and other trash lol. You're so lucky I envy you.
  • Toyota_2015Toyota_2015 Posts: 305 ★★

    These crystals are rigged.. last 20 features zero featured champs

    I don't know man, I got this guy out of my first crystal.

  • DarthHaasDarthHaas Posts: 379 ★★
    So far the featured 5* crystal has been pretty good to me.

    1. Killmonger
    2. ProfX
    3. BPCW
    4. She-Hulk
    5. Wolverine
    6. Modok
    7. Sasquatch

    This is the first featured that I said I would go strictly featured and see how it played out over the duration of the crystal.
  • WOLF_LINKWOLF_LINK Posts: 753 ★★★
    Yeah, this featured 5* is pretty dope. I had like the half of the Champs already, but still worth it. What I‘ve got so far:

    1) Guardian
    2) Annihilus (dupe)
    3) Sasquatch
    4) Mr. Fantastic
    5) She-Hulk (dupe)

    Still looking for Wolverine, Venom, Dragon Man and Professor X. Some other dupes would be okay, but not necessary.
  • OctoberstackOctoberstack Posts: 865 ★★★★

    These crystals are rigged.. last 20 features zero featured champs

    I’d disagree, I’ve managed to pull every single featured champ (including Wolverine) from the first 14 crystals I opened. Started saving for the next featured, should be another big opening.
  • DeaconVelvetDeaconVelvet Posts: 3,040 ★★★★★
    i'm afraid to go for featured ... the pain of not getting the champ i want is just ... pain lol
  • Nameless_IWNameless_IW Posts: 733 ★★★
    I had open a little over 30 featured and so far i've got

    Dragon Man
    She Hulk
    Air Walker

    I'm still looking for Prof X and Hit Monkey. But once i get Prof X, i will probably stop and just go for dual class and try to get Doom and Aegon or possible start saving again since Apoc and Cosmic Ghost Rider are coming next in the feature crystal.

  • TrashPanda12TrashPanda12 Posts: 502 ★★★
    What I've gotten so far:
    1. Night Trasher (first time)
    2. Sasquatch (first time)
    3. Angela (dupe)
    4. Mr. Fantastic (first time)
  • SecretWarri0rSecretWarri0r Posts: 230
    I got similar. NT, MrF, Guilly, Dragonman, then this Wolverine.

    Both thrash and fantastic were firsts, as was dragon man.
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