Control issues

So I don't know about everyone else but I've been having issues with champions acting on their own. I've had champs that have dashed forward while I'm evading or blocking a special or they attack without me even touching the screen. I used to wipe down my screen with some rubbing alcohol and that seemed to fix it but lately it's becoming quite frequent. ATM I can't run chapter 5 because my champs will do something stupid and I don't want towaste resources due to your inability to fix known issues. Please fix this!


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    Me too. Happening very frequently just within the past week or so.

    The 2 most common is dashing forward when evading and doing a heavy mid combo.
  • Android ??
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    MrRubiks7 wrote: »
    Android ??
    nope Iphone

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    I'm on Android.

    This goes to show that it's a systemic problem and should be addressed by kabam rather than blaming it on a particular device.

    I don't mind the question, "which device," as long as it is part of a troubleshooting step rather than a way to evade the problem. Speaking of evade...
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    Its not a device issue, I have had multiple devices and multiple phones and across all of them I've had some control issues. It's been going on for a long time now, even on the old fourms and it just keeps snowballing and getting worse each day.

    It's just a really old excuse that a lot of mobile game delvopers use a lot to try to shift blame on us as opposed to it being an issue on their side.

    That being said I don't mind them asking about it my problem is when they try to say it's a device issues when people using all kinds of different ones have reported the same or similar issues or that it's the first thing that they say which happens to often for my liking.
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    I play on an iPad Air 2 and a galaxy s7. Both are still great devices with plenty of horsepower and yet control issues and frame rate drops plague both. Nothing has felt right since 12.0. It gets a little better here and there but then another update sets it back more.

    Regression testing is a thing.
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