5* skill question

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Hi I finally have 5 tier 4 skill cats. And thinking I should now have a higher 5* skill on my main team (got good 4* ones but need to move forward) who do you think is best and please say why you think. My thoughts are:

Winter soldier good health and going to rank4 gives even more. If get duped power drain is good, also just had a 4* killmonger

Black widow she has a lot of good utility and evade is good as I need it!

Moon night he's a bit well meh.

All unduped


5* skill question 8 votes

Winter soldier r3
Black widow deadly origin
Lvernon15Kill_GreySarvanga1_OmedennShish15aroseinbloom39RiptidePrimerprime5 8 votes
Moon knight


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    None of them. If you are not seeing a decent flow of catalysts yet, hold them for someone good.
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