Few thoughts on this month's side quests

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- Overall, rewards are not bad for Legendary and Epic, especially it offers meaningful T5b and T2a shards;

- Convention Clash: it is a bit nostalgic challenge and Nameless Thanos is my bottleneck. Nonetheless, i like this kind of one-off PvP quest;

- Mephisto's Hades: the fights are generally not tough yet some of them are deemed annoying rather than challenging. The soul boost are a kind of road blocks rather than help (yes, I know that offer is from devil thus it's a trap). Good thing is that there is no energy requirement and I can re-try as many as I need instead of using revives. And this quest makes me aware how good Sym Supreme is. Basically week 5 The Champion is nothing in front of SS;

- Limbo - simply I think it's meaningless quest. It's just to drag your time instead of giving you the key directly. Among 3 side quests I think this is the worst and I don't enjoy at all. Actually I think Kabam can skip this quest and give players the key from daily login, and offer those lost souls / hunter shards from fulfilling milestone / objective;

- Some players may want more contents from Kabam, but I'm the opposite and I hope Kabam can limit the monthly content to few quests. I suppose the Story Quest/Monthly Quest should be the main stream of the game, now it branch out to Variants/Back Issues/Special Quests/Daily Quests/Incursions, not to mention the Arena/AQ/AW. I really hope Kabam can limit the additional side quests;

- Finally, thanks for sharing / advice of some players in the forum as I can't breakthrough some paths in Mephisto Hades without revives beforehand. Now I can make it with the right champs in team by following those advices.


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    Yep , Sym supreme makes the champion fight easy
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    We can see with the rewards that the meta is really changing. Luckily I joined the game just at the right time. Fresh Cav that can manage to 100% the Legendary side quests but not the Cavalier EQ because of my small roster.

    Convention Clash. Hands down 5/5 event.

    I agree with the Limbo Quest. I used to do it in the first few days to maximize the shards, but after getting 3* pulls every other day, I stopped caring and just used souls to buy keys. It is tolling to do a quest everyday that is not very rewarding.

    Mephisto's Invasion is actually fun. It'll make you strategize unlike last month's Side Quest that became stale. I experimented with the Soul Boosts and had fun with them. The Shock Immune Boost but the opponent regens like hell is perfect for Human Torch's reverse heal. The Poison Immune Boost but the opponent triggers unstoppable like a madman is perfect for reliable nullifiers with Mystic Dispersion like Sorcerer Supreme, unlimited specials. Using my Sentinel was also fun with the Guilly 2099 Synergy, fights were long because I only have a 5*R3 but it was fun. Colossus also owns three of the paths with free armor buffs

    The difficulty is perfect. I was actually surprised to see a 56k Champion boss in a side quest. Luckily, Sorcerer Supreme can oneshot him.
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    Why would you want to limit others playing by hoping for less content? If you think it's a lot, you can choose not to play certain content.

    3 fights and a boss each day to get a key isn't difficult. With each key, another 3 fights and a boss. These really aren't bad at all and allows everyone to play at their own pace. Some like to finish all keyed paths at once while others choose to play it slower. Plus with 0 energy for the actual rewards is great. This month's side quests were very flexible and I think that made it good.

    Convention Clash was cool! Reminded me how much of a pain those bosses were when they first came out!
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