Plat 3/4 alliance AQ 5x5 / 250M LF2 after AQ rewards

We are a war-focused Platinum alliance (P3/4) and are currently doing recruitment for the next war season.

We have two spots available after AQ rewards.

About us:
- highly skilled and active players,
- different time zones (from GMT+5:30 to GMT-7)
- great communication and coordination (through Line)
- team effort above all

AW: Platinum 3/4, AW Tier 3/4, 3 BGs.
We have been P4 for a few seasons. This season result: P3. Our current goal is maintaining our P3 rank.

AQ: 3 BGs, map 5 in all groups, weekly score over 250M, master and heroic modifiers.
Our AQ is very easy with minimum / no item use.

Summoner advancement: 500k-750k every week.

AQ / AW participation is mandatory. AW takes priority over AQ.
We expect best champs in AW attack / defense and decent defenders / readiness to rank up defenders.


- skilled player (Cavalier or Thronebreaker, 9k+ prestige, AW tier 3-4 experience a plus)
- active participation in AW and AQ
- Line app (notifications on for mentions)
- team player

Good Quake or Ghost players are especially welcome.

Please contact Saltygoodness on Line with roster and timezone info.


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    Vedant_MehtaVedant_Mehta Posts: 95
    I have sent you request in game. My ign is Vedant Mehta. We can talk over there
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    SaltygoodnessSaltygoodness Posts: 354 ★★
    We have one more spot in case anyone is looking

    Our last AQ:

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