Hey there KABAM-champions,

is there any chance you can add an XP-meter with the next update? It would come in handy to know which mission to start.

A happy fan from Belgium


  • CookNCCookNC Posts: 5
    Please. GREAT IDEA cuz!!! And why give XP to level 60? Lol you’re most devoted, who we want to get to,players?

    Anyway Belgium here should really also get a 5*Nexus for XP meter idea - reward genius you get loyal geniuses- level 60 XP? This idea ? Don’t be like the rest of them 😂! You’re not obviously- doesn’t make what I said less true? These guys will make this game continue it’s enthusiasm... I am 38, I don’t know in any game system and my kids are too young, and this is the only game I play...

    Thanks for allowing me to pretend COVID didn’t take my marketing job for a moment! Lol

    Thanks 🇧🇪!!

    Happy fan in PGH, PA 🇺🇸
  • DjinDjin Posts: 1,705 ★★★★★
    This is probably the most requested thing.
  • WOLF_LINKWOLF_LINK Posts: 454 ★★★
    I don‘t understand your request. What do you want to be added?

    Every player got their XP bar until they reach max Level. But what‘s this „to know which mission to start“? I just can‘t get it. You want to see how many XP a mission includes, how many nodes/enemies?
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