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Are you a Weekend Warrior, looking for a chill Alliance? Shady Acres WW might be your new home.

Are you a regular player who is self-motivated to play, but limited on time by life’s responsibilities during the week?
Me too.

I started Shady Acres Weekend Warriors to give players who want the rewards of an Ally, who like to battle in War but struggle to be available during the week.

My goal is for us to join in AWs which matchmake on Thursdays or Fridays, so we can finish the battle by Saturday or Sunday.
If you’re looking for Gold, this ain’t your Ally. If you’re looking for less drama, this is your place.

AQ is going to be an option if we have a Battlegroup-worth of players who are self-motivated. I’m not chasing people down to play.

I’m a big believer in Line, for comms about strategy, gameplay, techniques and teaching/learning. It’s not required but is recommended.

Alliance: Shady Acres Weekend Warriors (ShdyA)
Profile: RexnSpike
Line ID: grexnspike (RexnSpike)
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