5* roster honest opinion

I really need help focusing on rank are any of these any good and worth ranking?
Rogue duped r3 she seems good but maybe need higher Sig?
Medusa r2 good
Cyclops red R1 seems meh
Moon knight R1 seems meh
Storm r2 I like her but not awsome
Black widow deadly origin r2 liking her
so far
Symbiote supreme r3 hard to use and low health for a tank3
Magik r2 seems good but low health again
Tigra R1 just got her
Yellow jacket r2 seems useful at times

Finished act 4 and aiming to get 100 percent to help rank up ready for act 5
Psylocke R1 seems good but low health
Antman seems ok and higher health
Yondu R1 my 4* is useful
Starlord R1 feel should wait until duped as not the champ he once was
Howard the duck R1 pants
Ronan duped r2 divided opnion

Also got Hulkbuster r4 he's awsome now
Iceman r4 good but heavy hit is slow and think needs dupe for ice armour


  • RaviDaviRaviDavi Posts: 800 ★★★
    edited November 2020
    Medusa, SS, Magik, HB definitely
    Iceman, BWDO, Star-Lord and Tigra possibly (maybe Ronan too; guaranteed stuns)
    The rest I shouldn't upgrade due to limited resources + You could get better ones in the meantime
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