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Best Champ by Class Discussion - Mystic

DalBotDalBot Posts: 1,379 ★★★★★
My best Mystics:
1. Dr. Doom - the Doom loop makes cheesing fights so easy, power control God, damage God, stagger, Doom armor is a life saver
2. Black Widow Claire Voyant - Suicides queen, shifting debuff immunities, power control and regen goddess, great nullify abilities, death immunity is underrated mechanic
3. Sorcerer Supreme - unique abilities with ability to regen on blocks and slow mechanic, ability to shift modes on heavy, solid power control, hits super hard with armor breaks/furies, nullify on SP1 is handy
4. Symbiote Supreme - stagger God, lots of bleed damage potential, SP2 hits really hard
5. Magik - possibly the best power control in the game, limbo is a life saver AND damage dealer, solid nullify capabilities.
Honorable mention: Longshot, Mojo, Dragon Man, Sasquatch

Best Champ by Class Discussion - Mystic 10 votes

CliffordcanEtjamaDretlleFiiNCHTheInfintyAouxWouxNuclearOrkElwind 8 votes
Black Widow
Rockypantherx 1 vote
Sorcerer Supreme
Symbiote Supreme
Cowabunga 1 vote
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