Some long thoughts and opinions For recent months....Gameplay, crystals, Champs....can you relate???

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So i’ve had some new thoughts build up overtime within the last three months of playing the game.
This will include my thoughts of the cavalier EQ and Side quests, crystal openings, arena, all that hub bub

Before we get started These are all complete thoughts of my own in my own experience on the game in with only a limited amount of topics I’m gonna be talking about here because I was not about to type everything I think about the game when it comes to anime shoes when it comes to character designs when it comes to the storylines that’s just too much to talk about so I figured I would just narrow down some more things that are common to talk about.

These are just my opinions and my thoughts I’m not here to try and convince anyone to say that I am right and that you are wrong. They are simply words that I wanna put out there and want to see what other people think and see. This is an amazing community and I like to see what people think and just voice their opinions, as Im always interested what others have to say!!!!!

You can skip to any part of that you want which ever party you’re more interested in whether it’s the cavalier quest the side quest the rewards or Crystal stuff like that just give your thoughts on it, and please forgive any grammatical or spelling errors as this was a lot to type and I am quite a bit tired hahaha......zzzzz....

Now lets begin
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Cavalier Quests:⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

Now with the first launch of cavalier quest with Professor X and apocalypse I thought that they were interesting and of course with this brand new concept that had been introduced for the first time to the public community I didn’t know what to think just yet. So I figured I should give it some time and wait for other cav quests to come out.

Not to put this in perspective of someone who has quite a bit roster and is able to circle around some of the nodes that came up, I found them to be pretty standard I didn’t think he was difficult in anyway and I was able to get through a pretty, pretty fast. But when you put this into a different perspective of someone who may not have as built of the roster as someone as I do, I can see how it’s gonna be a lot more difficult because I decided “let’s pretend I didn’t have certain champions show I would just not use the most got to champs for the specific nodes”

And while yes I did find it more difficult I was still able to complete it so I didn’t really find too much issues there but I do understand the concerns a lot of people had because maybe they didn’t have a hyperion Maybe they don’t have a Venom, maybe they didn’t have a cap marvel movie. Champs who can get buffs to easily/often, or maybe they didn’t even have an Angela, and the same goes with the other champs that do very well for the class benefits.

And I will say that for October’s cavalier quest turned out to be not as bad as well. I think mostly because apocalypse was actually much harder defender in terms of the final boss so if you have a magneto you could easily defeat cosmic ghost rider without a problem of course there are other counters are but not to mention that CGR special atks or a lot easier to evade

No we found out the kabam is going to tweak some of those notes for next months cavalier quest which is going to start tomorrow and I look forward to this change because this means that it’s going to be easier for some of the people who don’t have these built rosters or maybe half like one thing I think was a little bit weird was the tech node, and when it came to using hulkbuster/warlocks power drains or power burns didn’t work, or rather it wasn’t affected by the node and to not get in the furies just means that I basically wasn’t doing anything and it was just better Off using any champs because i didnt get that many furies.
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Rewards completion, exploration, objectives:
-In terms of rewards I think of the words are fair and that oh at first it was a little bit concerning but because I think a lot of us have built up this kind of expectation that we expect to see a lot of tier 5 class Catalyst frags, t5b frags, t2a etc. That it just becomes an annoyance to start to complain about not having these super god tier rewards for these quests, at the end of the day what I realize is that this is supposed to be the same difficulty of 6.1 which as of right now is a breeze. I was able to explore 6.1 with under 400 units, I built up some free crystals open those up Bought energy refills so really if I included the energy refills I probably spent a total about 600+ units.

So I think that the expiration for both September and October we’re not all that bad I personally was able to get through them without too much difficulty I think the only issue was that the October month was just pretty downplayed and boring and just adding end up finishing it until a week ago

-The solo objective for Sept was probably not the best start to the solo objectives and I only say this because my four-star roster is not built up and that’s by my own choice because I choose not to invest any of the rank up materials that I could be using on five stars or even six stars. So I had to unfortunately miss out on the sole objective for August and of course they left me a little bit upset because I could not get past the bus stop note because all of my Champions that were perfect for it we’re at rank one and I just found no reason for me to put all the rank of materials into those champions that I would want to eventually use for my five stars instead.

For October solo objective it was a much easier one and I think the biggest reason that is, is because it only required you to defeat the legendary side quest with the team ready rating of 10,000 or lower. So this meant that you can actually just use a five star and maybe put in some to start synergies I know that I was able to do that for the first one but then I figured I want to go bigger so what I did was I paired my four-star classes who is that ring for impaired that champagne with his synergies and just completely destroyed that quest.

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Final verdict: 9/10

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Cav Side Quests:💰🔋🔋💎🎁

No it’s been four months since cavalier side quest have been introduced(i think). And I have to say most of it has been pretty good I would say that Octobers Side quest event was probably the most bland side quest and I think the big reasons because you had to constantly go into these questions use of energy just to get keys in souls.

The main goal for souls was so that you could purchase boots with them that you could use for the specific Mephisto quest I believe which cost no energy but it would make sure that you would not take any damage from those damaging affects and he said he would regenerate but I personally didn’t buy any of them especially because I used all my souls to buy the keys for the legendary quest

I think for certain that we can say that the mutant treasure island was probably the most interesting quest for everyone and the best one in terms of rewards because you chose what you got.

I don’t really have much else to say about the side quest but that the October Side quest was not too fun it was a little bit tiresome and just boring all I know but I will say that another one that was probably a little bit problematic in a sort was the air walker and dragon man event month now there would be a cycle between the days of what pacific class the quest is so one day it would be science one day it could be mystic one day could be a mix of everything, BUT The biggest issue that happened there was some bosses happen to be much more difficult than others so therefore some people will be waiting for the much easier days with the easy sponsors so they could just do those rewards but not every reward was the same because you could choose between getting specific Sixto shards or rank up materials such as tier 5 basic
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Final Verdict :8/10

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Crystals: 💎💎💎💎🌟🌟🌟🌟

I think that crystals here right now in my personal opinion is just to talk about it it’s not to say there’s anything wrong with crystals, and just my thoughts and opinions about them.

-Five/Six Star Featured Crystals:
-I think that the update for the pools for these crystals have been absolutely phenomenal I’ve enjoyed every single one so far and haven’t really regretted spending 11,000 or even 15,000 shards are these crystals I look forward to the future ones and hope that we can see you know a cycle of different champions that we don’t see that often. It’s just been a major improvement to what they were before especially because now they truly have kept her word when they said that landing On a champion that wasn’t the featured character of that Crystal it’s still could’ve been a really good champion

-now for the six star crystal I think it’s a little bit different especially because the sixth or shards are much more valuable whether you’re a cavalier or throw a breaker or you spend money on the game whatever. I do think that this featured crystal that we have currently for the six star is impressive but of course not as impressive as the five stars, and should not be surprised they arent as good, BUT here’s to hoping that the next one is going to be coming on December 15 that it’s going to be a lot better and hopefully provide some champions that we have not seen a six star such as Hyperion, cross bones, Starkey, ronin, or magik(just thought it would be cool to known they'd make it)

Cavalier/Uncollected crystals:
-not for this portion of the talk, I need to clarify that this is all by my choice and I’m in no way complaining about it because i chose to get them, or mean bad by what I say.......

Now I will say that when it comes to these crystals it’s....... it’s bad. I personally have just never been able to grasp why three stars are still questionable and why we have them insurance of cavalier players and honestly I still question why even on collector players still have them. I personally have just never been able to grasp why three stars are still questionable and why we have them insurance of cavalier players and honestly I still question why even on collector players still have them Once you get to the point and act five you’re not using three stars too often but you can’t especially if they’re beyond god tiers, but I think that this is mainly for the cavalier players because if four stars are not even allowed in at six why bother giving us three stars. I wouldn’t mind it so much if it was just 80% or 95% chance To get four stars but when you make a pretty big portion of the percentage to also get a three star it just stings.
So I think that the main thing that made me think about this was when I open the crystals for Apocalypse and cosmic ghost rider. Because for the apocalypse crystals I barely got any five stars, out the 40 i opened i got 2. Now my luck definitely did change when it came to the cosmic ghost rider crystals because I was able to get quite a bit more five stars and even a red goblin as a 5*.
But I can never just kick this bad feeling that I get after purchasing an early access crystal bundle which I have bought just about every single one since Tigras crystals. And I have course can never just shake this feeling of like a sting knowing that I didn’t walk away with better results but again that is at my own fault because I clearly did not learn my lesson and just continue to buy them, And of course I think that this can be said for other players in the community who do this because they see all these other people get so lucky and pull two 6 stars the featured and sub-featured champs. When pictures like that go out to the community that gives them some kind of Ray of Hope because then they told them sells maybe this is the crystal that I can get lucky but then they walk away with probably a four star and it’s not even the featured one.

Today I ended up getting one of the immortal hulk bundles but got straight three stars I opened one more that you can get from the black iso market and got the four-star version of a Immortal Hulk....... And probably after today I think I will officially stop purchasing these early access crystals because it’s taken this much in order for me to finally realize that 1000 six stars shards and three greater boost is it really worth the value? because I’m not guaranteed to even walk away with a four star let alone a five star version of the champion........again this is more of a personal things and opinion, but if you have any thoughts on the matter please let me know.

Nexus Crystals:

I am personally not a big fan of these crystals and in all honesty I’d rather take shards over these crystals any day.
One of my main points for this is because the nexus Crystal are champions that are in the basic pool, which is a huge variety with over 140+ champions I believe. And so yeah I think the main enticing thing about this is because you finally have some sense of control over this game which is mostly based on RNG and luck. You get to decide what champion you pick but there’s a catch to it because again it’s pulling three champions of the 140 champions in the game where at least 25% are probably amazing and the rest of the percentages are good but they’re also quite a vast amount that is horrible.
Because you could end up with a
superior Iron Man,Kamala Khan, and rhino.
Kingpin, CMM, Ghost
There’s just no telling what you’ll get and so these crystals were the most interesting thing ever and it’s something that everyone wanted because it was a chance to get some thing amazing from the crystals for my personal experience from the cruise as I’ve gotten I could price out of 10 three of them were probably the best and then the rest were just champions I’ll take up to rank three has five stars and probably won’t do much after that.

So when it comes to cyber weekend deals or even July 4 deals I would much personally rather get six star shards in place of a nexus five star or nexus six star crystal just because I’d rather be able to have my own choice of what I would like to do with my shards.

Again own personal opinions on these have crystals and I think that if they want to take it a step farther in terms of making these crystals interesting again they can do a couple things

-Introduce a dual next is Crystal where it’s going to be pulling three champions from the dual crystals of course
-i’m gonna be honest here I think what I’m gonna say here and sent a little bit much more greedy and it’s a feature nexus Crystal but I think that this is a crystal that should only be offered once a month or maybe even twice a month
Because as of right now there is only one other unique nexus crystal which is from the exploration for the abyss of legends and I think that I don’t need to go into detail about it because I think we all know about that nexus crystal from Abyss.

So all in all I think that the five star and six star crystals are fine in itself but I think with the dependence of certain pools with Which ever Crystal your opening you never know what you’re going to get and you kind of have to base it unlocked and you could just be unlikely and just constantly open again and again for these crystals only to not get the Champions looking for so I think that another improvement for these crystals could be made should be soon I don’t think so I think they’re much more important things to focus on right now and look forward to seeing what could potentially come in come in
which ever Crystal you’re opening you never know what you’re going to get and you kind of have to base it on lock and you could just be unlikely and just constantly open again and again for these crystals only to not get the champion looking for so I think that another improvement for these crystals could be made should be soon I don’t think so I think there are much more important things to focus on right now and look forward to seeing what could potentially come in

ESPECIALLY BECAUSE In the Dev diary They had said some thing that they wanted to do in the roadmap for the future of crystals which was that you were going to be able to select a pool of champions of your own choice and then you would make that crystal. in that Crystal you get the Champions that you chose so that’s the thing I’m looking forward to the most and hopefully that can be something that gets started somewhere in the early new year or maybe in the light new year I don’t remember when they said they would try to get that done.
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Final Verdict: 6/10

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I think over all these years now arena has gotten kind of boring for myself and I never can really find true motivation, because of how much time it takes , but until recently, i got more interested in the five star featured arena, so that I can grind inside that arena so that I can get myself the 5000 five star shards, but other than that I don’t find myself wanting to do any of the other arenas. The only others I will do besides a five star featured are the tier 4 basic arena and the tier 1 aplha arena. I do hope that one day will get introduced to some new arenas or some new mechanics for arenas.
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Final Verdict: 7/10
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Game In General:

I absolutely love this game since day one that I first downloaded it, because I first downloaded it I think a month after it’s officially release and just have not stopped playing sense it’s just been such an awesome game and probably one of the most favorite marvel games for the mobile devices I tried all these other ones like marvel future fight marvel strikeforce but nothing ever just feels as much as fun as this.

This game of course has its flaws as all games do you really really doubt that there are games where they are just absolutely perfect from the get go and I think that even when there are flaws there are much more greater times You get to enjoy, so I gotta thank everyone that’s on the KABAM team in general. when it comes to designers, illustrators, animators, all of the team members working on this game for creating such an awesome game and for keeping it up for so long time and doing everything you can to try and make the community happy. I understand that there are quite a few members of the community that don’t ceased to be angry or something regardless of what you do

I look forward to the future this game and excited for the new Continental, and even the new offers because I’m a little whale that will spend on this game because of how much I enjoy it!!!!!


Final Verdict: 9/10


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