Who to rank 5 first?

xandersrevengexandersrevenge Posts: 263
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Got a professor x unduped at rank 4. And today just pulled two science I've always wanted. Cap iw and awakened him immediately and the pulled a quake afterwards. Who should I rank 5 first? And who is a labyrinth of legends worthy out of the 3?


  • ahmm474756ahmm474756 Posts: 83
    capiw,if u are not a good quaker
  • Unio77Unio77 Posts: 1,819 ★★★★★
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    If you can get cap iw to a decently high Sig then go for him.
    If you can't go for quake and learn her playstyle. She dominates almost all content in game.
    Proffesor X can always be done at a later date
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