Deadly Sins: 350mil+ Map 5/6 AQ and G1/P4 War Alliance looking for 2

The 30 Deadly Sins needs two summoners before next season.

Who we are:
- Great group of skilled and active summoners with irreverent sense of humor.
- 6/6/6/5/5 AQ. We consistently score 350mil+ each week and place in the top 600
- Very active/organized in war but low stress/pressure. We push as far as we can going itemless. We are currently run between tier 4-6 and solid G1 for past four seasons. Looking to push just a bit to P4 next season.
- No event minimums but we max pretty much all of them. Over 750k each week in SA, somtimes over 1mil
- We have summoners from all over the world and can accommodate most US and European timezones. Asia is harder unless you have a compatible schedule.

Who we are looking for
- MUST be active and accountable for activity level
- MUST be able to carefully follow directions on path assignments/defender assignments
- MUST have a good sense of humor and be OK with crude jokes/inappropriate memes/pictures in group chat
- MUST be able to finish most paths in Map 6 at a starting prestige of ~10k without too much trouble
- MUST have good communication and be able to coordinate well in war/AQ
- MUST be over 9500 prestige and strong preference for over 10k
- Ideally someone who feels comfortable handling miniboss fights in map 6 and war but this is not required

If interested please add me in game or on line. IGN/Line ID are:



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