Who should I rank-up first?

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I had the good fortune of pulling some great champs yesterday. I have a generic 5* gem and will be able to max sig them after cyber weekend. I'm quite torn on my decision. Who would you rank up first?

Please let me know your logic and whether you'd use gems or not. I'll rank up three of them before cyber weekend!

Edit: I should clarify I’ve 100%’d all content and have most utility already covered. Synergy advantage is a big draw, as is utility against large health and attack opponents in Book 2. Here’s my roster for reference.

Who should I rank-up first? 4 votes

Guardian 5*
EtjamaDarkDuelist[Deleted User] 3 votes
Professor X 5*
Thing 5*
Thing 6* (unduped)
avenge_123 1 vote
Sasquatch (unduped)


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    Sasquatch ain’t worth a generic. (and a class is debatable)
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    Please specify your roster
  • DannyB01DannyB01 Posts: 458 ★★★

    Sasquatch ain’t worth a generic. (and a class is debatable)

    Yeah I'd leave Sasquatch unduped, but I'm planning to R3 Sabretooth and think he'd be great to support there.

    Please specify your roster

    Good point! I don't really lack any utility. Looking for a champ that will help with Book 2 and other end-game content. I'll edit my post.
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