Who to R2 ?,...Elsa/Gwen/Killmonger

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Getting a bit tired of r5 ing,..so looking to r2 my first 6*, I like all 3 of them and my 6* killmonger is the only one who’s duped.
Any suggestions are appreciated thnx.
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    I like elsa the most but I think killmonger is the best
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    Killmonger. Especially duped.
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    Go with KM
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    Hmmm why Killmonger though?
    Could somebody give me insight into this

    Easily acquirable true strike which ignores armor, resistances, evade, and auto-block. Indestructible charges that allow you to tank Sp3's and ignore block damage. Counterstrike which allows you to parry and "intercept" the opponent like Ghost's phase-intercepting, do 7 hit combos, and create openings without parries. Watch this amazing video if you'd like to learn all about him. 😉
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