Looking for Retirement Alliance

I’ll play AQ weekly. And, war every now and then if needed. Prefer not to use Line. 10k+ prestige. BENJI830 is in game. Thanks!


  • Makka_PakkaMakka_Pakka Posts: 30
    Sent friend request
  • MFlo83MFlo83 Posts: 24
    Still looking?
  • BENJI830BENJI830 Posts: 199
    Found a home. Thanks!
  • PappaBunnyPappaBunny Posts: 111
    Just in case you decide to change again, Good Old Boys and Girls (GoB&G) would be happy to have you. We are brand new. We are relaxed. AQ map 2, so your champs don't get locked out of other missions. AW only if there is a large enough request. We take all levels of players. We are more than willing to help out new players. Also welcome older players who want to back down their activity level.
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