Who to use generic awakening on?

Who to use generic awakening on? 34 votes

Aquaflash 1 vote
UnidentifiedCreatureMeebletonKill_GreyBonzodavidShep 5 votes
Cap IW
Osfan8LordSmasherPHJfinBot42MaxLeeIryseavenge_123RaviDavi 8 votes
RoOOtsBrokenReferenceTheHoodedDormammuRockypantherxMarvzeliusEtjamaawesome1werSarvanga1_AATTBerjibsStupid91Soyheyor123QazzyCrcrcrcaroseinbloom39[Deleted User] 17 votes
Spity68RubbixBig_spice_boi 3 votes
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  • Thicco_ModeThicco_Mode Posts: 8,852 ★★★★★
    depends on sigs available and what content you're on
  • avenge_123avenge_123 Posts: 1,307 ★★★
    Cap IW
    capiw can benefit u in all content,if planning abyss then aegon
  • Realm_Of_RahRealm_Of_Rah Posts: 430 ★★★
    Cap IW will serve you well everywhere
  • ShaqatacShaqatac Posts: 241
    Looking for someone to help me in 6.2 and Variants
  • ShaqatacShaqatac Posts: 241
    Still so undecided because I don’t really think Aegon has many uses
  • RaviDaviRaviDavi Posts: 800 ★★★
    Cap IW
    Any one out of Void, Cap IW or Aegon (certainly not Domino)
  • IryseIryse Posts: 350 ★★
    Cap IW
    Depends on what you need to use it for and how many alternatives you have for each class. For eg. I have 2 AG, 2 mystic, 1 skill, 1 science lying with me bcoz either i have the god tier awakened or i just dont have him. Or i have champs that need awakening but they wont be used so i dont use the gems on them.

    Act 6 requires mostly immunes so better to first evaluate your roster and then chose urself.
  • GardenerGardener Posts: 1,586 ★★★
    Do you already have a awakened NF
  • ShaqatacShaqatac Posts: 241
    Gardener said:

    Do you already have a awakened NF

    Nope, i want Nick Fury so bad but can’t seem to get him
  • Osfan8Osfan8 Posts: 733 ★★★
    Cap IW
    Sig 200 CapIW is definitely the most versatile champ in the game, my favorite and most used.

    The correct answer is the champ you are going to rank up and use most...Taking Aegon to sig 20 and waiting a year to be able to use him in abyss or whatever content you want him for doesn't do you any good now and you'll have many chances to awaken him between now and then but if you are going to do abyss in 2 weeks then Aegon is an easy choice. You need to decide what content you want to upgrade your roster for and that will determine the champ you should awaken.
  • Osfan8Osfan8 Posts: 733 ★★★
    Cap IW
    Etjama said:

    Osfan8 said:

    Sig 200 CapIW is definitely the most versatile champ in the game

    *Laughs in Quake, Ghost, Omega Red, Nick, Warlock, and more.*
    I never said he was the best. He is the most versatile, none of those mentioned can have their abilities customized based on the situation. As for whether he's my favorite and most used there is no debate.

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