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To start off I just wanted to thank whoever had thrown plenty of advice around in my thread about a month ago on 6.4 and 6.3 completion, it was super helpful even though my rewards were absolutely terrrrrible.

But, through the sheer will of luck from t5cc fragments and the selector at the end of Act 6 ( and a liiiiitle cash, im looking at you t5cc selector yesterday), I was able to r3 my favorite champ in the game.

For me, I remember when Act 6 completely released and watching Seatin slog through it and I said "oh, nice, content ill never finish". Same with Abyss and even the thought of a r3 on my roster was pretty much non existent. Even the thought of having 1 million rating seemed outrageous to me at one point, granted 1 million isnt much compared to most, but its an achievement to me. But through terrible pulls and some more terrible pulls ( double duped cyclops from act 6 completion), I was able to dupe this beefy girl and finally r3 her to get ThroneBreaker!

So while this is a slight brag post to show off my new girl, its also a general blanket thank you for whoever has helped me on the forums for Abyss and Act 6 nonsense.

Now here is to hoping the TB deals on black friday were worth all the headaches and suffering.


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