Silver 3 Alliance looking for active players


We’re are pretty relaxed but quite active. We are a good place for Newbies, Returners or second accounts to grow.
And of course, we would be happy if you join us and find a new home with us.

Here a few stats:

Alliance Quest (AQ): Map 2 + Modifiers (No Locked Champions!)
Alliance War (AW) 1 BG – currently Silver 3
Alliance Prestige: 5.210
Average Member Rating: 315.041

There is only one rule: All players need to be active somewhere in the game and tribute this way to the alliance event goals or AQ/AW. You choose in which part of the game you want to participate – nothing is mandatory. BUT we do kick members if they are more than 14 days offline.

If you join AQ/AW you also need to actively contribute by clearing the paths in the attack phase.

We do have a LINE chat for exchanging information and asking for advice, but LINE is not mandatory.

Sounds interesting for you?

Then add me for asking more questions or sent a request to join our Alliance

Alliance tag: KR33!
Alliance Name: The Terran Kree
My IGN: Greyblue42
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