Champion rankup progression bottleneck

I’ve been playing for almost 2 years now and would have to say I am in the same boat as many other veteran players. Kabam has made great strides in increasing the amount of T4 class catalysts that we now get so we can rank up all our new 5* champs. However the bottleneck now is the t4 basic and T1 alpha catalysts. Please increase the availability of these or decrease the rank up costs for 4 & 5* champs for these. As a suggestion maybe make an additional much harder daily quest for the t4b and t1a that is more in line with the t3 daily quest rewards for these. Where you could get a better amount of fragments or a whole t4b/t1a instead of just a very few fragments from the expert proving grounds as it is now. You could even retain the expert proving grounds and change it to T5b fragments as that would be more in line with where the game has progressed to. As far as T4b and T1a arenas u could step those up too and make a change to t5b and t2a arenas instead.

Thank you
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