Question for Kabam: Do AI tendencies vary from champ to champ?

I'm asking this mainly because of Mordo. His AI seems to be unusually passive in all game modes. Initially, I thought it was just me playing too much arena and after years of eating Hyperion sp3's, I developed the perception that all arena champs -- including Mordo -- are just passive. Recently, however, I noticed that Hyperion was throwing more and more sp1's. Not only that, but Dr. Doom seems to just spam sp1's especially around the ~15th arena match. So does Fury but only if he can trigger unstoppable.

I thought maybe since AI behavior seems to change through arena, it's possible to simply keep playing until the behaviors "stabilizes". And I saw a trend with Hyperion, Doom, and Fury in that their aggression does kinda depend on which side of 15 matches your on. So do most champs...except Mordo!

Even when I played against in him 6.2.5, he still seemed content turtling up in the corner. I thought maybe its a boss node thing, but the Champion was never as passive. Maybe it was his ability which discourages parry/stun/combo? But Emma Frost isnt as passive. Neither is BPCW.

Even if it makes sense for champs to behave a certain way, like Ghost not blocking when phasing, the AI still acts similarly throughout a game mode (as in, Ghost and Cap America both have dash back and hold block with the same frequency despite one obviously benefitting more from long as theyre in the same quest/arena). However, Mordo seems dead set on holding block!

I havent checked due to not seeing Mordo too often, but in alliance war, if you dash back and hold block with Crossbones or you have a Heimdal/Hela/Magik/etc synergy, the AI will likely throw a heavy. This is the only method I can think of to force Mordo to attack, and Im not sure if he even will...

Anyways, Im asking this because I want to know if MCOC champs have something similar to NBA 2k players tendencies. For example, Klay Thompson's AI has a much higher tendency to run around the 3pt line. While hes a good a shooter and his actions seem predictable, some tendencies do not always makes sense. For example, Josh Smith likes to trail in transition for a 3 despite being an awful shooter and an excellent finisher. These tendencies also change in certain situations. For example, Klay would become more aggressive late in a close game, while Josh Smith will have a higher chance of slurring profanities toward the referee. The difference between NBA 2K and MCOC, however, is that NBA 2K actually gives out the values for tendencies. Theyre also malleable in that Klay's tendencies can be tweaked into a frequent ball handler despite his attributes -- which are NOT adjustable -- being unsuitable for that role. While in MCOC, the closest we get is the "taunt" debuff and nodes like "All or Nothing"

I think it would be too powerful if we were to receive in-depth tendencies, but can we at least get a tag like "#passive AI" or "#LikesThrowingOutSp2"? Maybe even allow us to alter them in AW so champs like the Champion can have his aggression change depending on his buffs/persistent charges


  • Kill_GreyKill_Grey Posts: 8,252 ★★★★★
    Will3808 said:

    Yeah. Champions have tendencies. Just like when champions are on ocolate nodes they’re passive while on armor and agressive on fury.

    Map 6 Nova. What a pain!
  • Grootman1294Grootman1294 Posts: 535 ★★★
    *Mysterio heavy flashbacks intensify
  • Přìņče01Přìņče01 Posts: 189 ★★
    U can always see doom trying to slap if you have a shock on yourself
    It gets funny if you playing with
  • CliffordcanCliffordcan Posts: 1,340 ★★★★
    Kabam also made Mr Sinister heavy a bunch. He always seems to start the fights out with a heavy attack.
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    Some champs like Hype and Mordo tend to be passive while they are gaining power and it forces you to do things to get them to throw specials. Champs like Venom are more aggressive and baiting the SP1 is very easy. I swear OR is more aggressive if he has his death aura. Emma has different AI tendencies written in her description.
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    I think if you try fighting any form of Doom, you'll find your answer. His AI is better than most players :smiley:
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