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AW New Winning Strategy*

Seriously, how the fox can this considered a WIN...

44 Battles to beat a boss...


Just Finally Totally Ruining the Game

First 3 players Bosses have more than 60 victories and even with that we lost war, really?



  • 2nd_slingshot2nd_slingshot Posts: 233
    Ha, with defender kills that would be am easy win for you guys
    We lost yesterday's war by 17 points.1boss kill each.diversity finished us.
  • axelelf_1axelelf_1 Posts: 775 ★★★
    We lost by diversity yesterday. But we had 96 defender kills to their 28. They flat out bought the war which wouldn't have worked if defender kills counted. They've stated numerous times that diversity is supposed to be a tie breaker but it's now the most important aspect. Makes for terrible wars.
  • Dark_King888Dark_King888 Posts: 227
    Alliance War is a shitshow right now. Diversity was supposed to be good and be JUST a tiebreaker. But its over weighed. Just goes to show how carefully (or not) Kabam testers tried out every scenario.

    It was just a matter of collecting last 500 or so war sample data and put in a spreadsheet to simulate scoring as per new system. Bet they didnt even do that much.

    Many alliances are bored, tired and me frankly, i am scared to rank up champs cuz they may move the goal posts tomorrow or just nerf the champs. I worked hard to get my 5 defenders to rank 4 when I could easily just be doing attackers and questing hard.

    Now those champs arent even picked by officers to be placed in defense.

    I hope Kabam fesses up and fixes this BS in the next update. Just bring back defender kills and jack up some nodes, give a lesser weightage to diversity.

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