Opinion of someone who put up 48m for iHulk - The Good, Bad and Ugly

Mike192Mike192 Posts: 571 ★★★
First things first, I am a big fan of Hulk and the different personas of hulk hence this champion is kinda personal to me, as in I will be biased towards him. Regardless, he has massive flaws that need to be addressed. My hulk is 5/65 at Signature 1 since I just used one of my 3 science gems on him.

The GOOD - One of the highest damage output in game. I tried him out in a lot of endgame content and some easy ROL content as well. This guy, even at 75% of his damage potential, CLAPS CHEEKS! I remember doing 6.1.5 (Xbones) non boss fights with Ghost team and it took around 40~ hits to kill most of the opponents but hulk does it in about the same hits! (Yes, Yes ghost is wayyyyy better but just comparison)

When things get going for him, he is literally unstoppable! Had a kill of Wolvie in ROL in under a minute and around 50 hits which is pretty good for 'trash champion'. Ive also heard from my friend that he was able to KO Sinister 6.2 with the heimdall synergy. If you manage to get to 20+ stacks and have the opponent rotating specials quickly, he can take an enemy from 150k hp down to 0 in no more than 8 hits! Overall, damage is one of the highest in game!

The BAD - Ohhh boy... Let's see, Rage stacks not lasting long enough means that his momentum is lost. Think about it like using CMM only instead of having the binary charges fall off one at a time, they fall off immediately and you lose all the perks. If the opponents turtle then your damage is lost. The cooldown (yes its not the UGLY) on Immortality severely needs a reduction of at least 25-30% (tie it Sig levels).Stun immune fights are bad for hulk but he still managed to do them fine enough.

2sec timer on rage is extremely bad mainly since if you finish 5hit combo, opponent block, you tap their block, they hit and you parry them - this full cycle takes 2sec and you lose charges because the AI was scared of you. Either add an aggression mechanic per rage stack which makes enemies more aggressive (like oscillate nodes) or extend the timer so that they don't fall off at no fault of your.

The UGLY - And this is where things get really terrible. A lot of content creators, fellow summoners and other players have chipped their 2 cents in. His overall lack of utility makes him an after thought. His damage is definitely one of the highest but lost in literally 2 seconds. His over dependence on non-stun immune fights or champions that do not shrug off debuffs or reduce debuff timer makes him less appealing. His kit does have access to debuff but the values on those are underwhelming and at best meant for 'hey he can do X but not the best' feel.

Tie the UGLY with the BAD and you have easily an impractical champion that deserves better, especially when Kabam has introduced multiple Hulks in the game and have failed to keep any of them from being the one of the best champion in game (except she-hulk for those who count).

I really hope Kabam reads through these, reaches out to CCP and other summoners to understand their frustrations with this champion and why they are so attached to such an iconic character. Hulk simply needs 2 things - Regen and SMASH. Regen is fine as long as the SMASH is practical and worth dancing at 1hp.


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