9.8k prestige player looking for new ally.

I'm a skilled player looking for an organized but chill ally, AQ focused, prefer map 5, can play map 6 if needed. War not a priority, but can play if required. I'm very active, but rl comes first, not looking for a second job in this game.

Hit me up on line: ID: Sauciestburrito


  • Have a spot open. Silver ally. We do all AW and AQ. 3 BGs each.
    If somebody misses one here and there its OK. Prefer people at least placed defenders in War even if they can play on attack.
    AQ usually do map4 so it doesnt take much effort. But will be doing map5 sometimes.
    No line needed. Just in game chat.
    if interested reply here or
    search in game:amish666
  • Buck9studioBuck9studio Posts: 53
    We have a spot or 2 opening up if interested. We get 90+mil in AQ weekly map4 and gold 3 in AW, must participate in both but no stress or communication needed. Hit me in game buck9studio
  • IronTomFlintIronTomFlint Posts: 15
    edited November 18
    We’ve got two openings right now. Let’s talk on Line. I’m IronTomFlint (one word, no spaces.)

    AQ Maps 5 or 3 (soon 6). 2 groups of war optional (gold 3). Adults only.
  • We have 2 spots available mate, we use discord.
    Add me on there or jump on our server
    We run map 5 in AQ & 3cBGs in AW.
    We all have family & work so understand the rigours of RL
  • TwistedcowgirlTwistedcowgirl Posts: 74
    We have a spot opening after this cycle. 5x5 240mill AQ score with optional participation in war. We are relaxed and enjoy a laugh in main chat but still get it done.
    My line and ingame is twistedcowgirl if you fancy a spot with the Rebels!
  • 300mil AQ 66655 Allaince. We run 2bg for AW Gold. No Minimum events. We have grinders in alliance so we get great rewards in all events.
    Line: hellasuffa
  • Billotch13Billotch13 Posts: 66
    Still looking? We run 6/5/5 with epic/master mods, about 270m each AQ. AW optional this season. Hit me up on line swaggydaddyo.
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