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Curious as to what everyone's thoughts are on the proving grounds..

Obviously a T1 Alpha daily quest would be a nice addition.
But how about the regular 4 already in place for the basics.
Would anybody like to see more shards for the expert quest? (I feel like these shards are so easy to come by that this quest is meaningless for the rewards, unless perhaps for a younger account)
How about a new "legendary" quest for T5 basic shards?
How many of these daily quest does everyone explore on average, and which ones?

If you would be so kind, share your thoughts..

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    I don't do any of those daily proving grounds since I spend all the energy I can get into the EQ (master, uncollected) and the rest on progression. Maybe once a while I get some T1CC/T2CC to upgrade 2*/3* but that's basically it.
  • At the start of the month I focus in the Event Quest and then later on start doing it everyday [the expert difficulty].
    yeah the rewards from those quests should be buffed, just a little bit.
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