Fixing Game Issues

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Any chance you’ll be fixing most of these bugs or just sweep it under the rug thinking folks won’t notice because the cyber deals are coming up? The game has been awful the last couple months.
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  • Kill_GreyKill_Grey Posts: 5,367 ★★★★★
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    Yeah, performance is quite bad. I've almost completely stopped grinding arena in its totality. Freezes like every 2 rounds, and I'd have to restart.

    Fights in AQ take like a minute to load, each. Been going on for like 5 months now.

    Fight button freezes everywhere else, particular AQ, war and act 6.

    Labyrinth is a special case. 3 minutes to load every single fight. Fun!
  • FleirsFleirs Posts: 16
    the game has been crashed again...also its crashing dropping out and have again reload the game... :(
  • psp742psp742 Posts: 671 ★★★
    I'm on Samsung S10+ android 10, One UI version 2.5
    I keep experiencing drop inputs.. block or parry are either slower than actual press or does not even activate
    In order to activate special attack.. I have to tap (special) multiple time.. while AI can immediately capitalize on any split second opening and 'combo you into oblivion' (thanks Dorky Dave)

    I feel its a cheap way to make summoner loose health and maybe use potions or revives.
  • Ronnyman889Ronnyman889 Posts: 87
    This game is now contest of crashing. You going to get one and it’s not far away.
    Do a few rounds of arena or if you feel lucky do that tough node in AQ or AW and hope for the best.

    Do you feel lucky, punk? Now do you... punk?
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