New Champion Hashtags

Hi! Just recently I came up for a really cool QOL (Quality of Life) idea that I think would be a great addition to the game.
New # Category: Counters
Basically, this category is for champions that have the ability to counter certain effects such as Bleed of evade. However, the champion does not require that the counter be active throughout the entirety of the fight. They just need to be able to activate these abilities without the help of synergies. Below are some ideas of who gets what tag.

#Poison Immune
Ex. Red Hulk/Mephisto/Ms Marvel
#Bleed Immune
Ex. Thing/Sentinel/Ultron
#Anti Defense
Ex. Venom/Vision Aarkus (Those who can counter Evade and/or Autoblock)
#Anti Mind Control
Ex. Mr. Sinister/Prof. X
Ex. Aegon/Agent Venom (Those who can shrug off debuffs)
Ex. Emma Frost/Taskmaster (Those who can be immune to all debuffs)

There are many more tags that I could put here, but these are just examples. And if Kabam sees this, please consider adding it. The purpose of this idea is to help us Summoners select the right champions for specific Nodes, Champions, and/or bosses more easily without having to open up the abilities screen.


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