1.9mil. 11k prestige looking for allianve

Looking for an active alliance that does both aq and aw.


  • Added you in game.

    Let’s talk on line. My ID is


    40 mill alliance rating running 665 with a minimum score of 325 mill weekly.

    Optional AW. (1 BG silver 1400 war rating). Can easily hit gold.

    Top 6-20% weekly SA. All Weekly milestones hit.

    Few spots open for skilled map 6 players and high prestige vets looking to slow down or realign their game play for map 5.

    AT: [BΩLVL]
    IGN: D I E S E L
  • AlreadAlread Posts: 4
    Inastas I've got a sister alliance that could be what your after add me on line and I'll connect you with the leader alread they run maps 6/5 and are gold 2 in war because of dead weight that's now gone x
  • Clarkkent76Clarkkent76 Posts: 128
    Add me on line, clarkkent6631

    Maps 6 and 7, P4/P3
  • Jgoody723Jgoody723 Posts: 25
    @Inastas hey man my alliance is looking for one. We run map 6 and 7 and p1 war. Add me @Jgoody723 on line
  • HaveasyHaveasy Posts: 61
    we are plat 4 and 300 mill aq. Line app id is Haveasy
  • VenomousintentVenomousintent Posts: 107
    Still looking? Do you want map 6?
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