Cavalier players ARE NOT getting the materials they need to reach thronebreaker

How do expect cavalier players to become thronebreaker if u offer them next to no T5CC frags? The glory store update was a chance to change that, instead thronebreaker players got more of the stuff they already have which Cavalier players NEED. I am not against thronebreaker players getting better updates in store, they deserve it, but cavalier players should be offered a little of the materials needed to take them to thronebreaker.


  • ch4rnch4rn Posts: 236 ★★

    Weird.... I remember being Cavalier before becoming Thronebreaker....

    LOL exactly! We didn't just log in one day to find that Kabam magically chose random accounts to send the title to
  • Agent_X_zzzAgent_X_zzz Posts: 2,388 ★★★★★
    All throne breakers were Cavalier, before they were throne breaker so no this is not true.
  • GmonkeyGmonkey Posts: 1,272 ★★★★

    Cavalier difficulty should replace the monthly 10% crystal with a 5% selector. Would make it 100% more worth doing.

    No it is fine the way it is
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    This may be the funniest title to a thread I have ever read.

    You have to be cavalier to become thronebreaker. By definition you get the needed materials 🤣

    Back when I was brand new, we couldn’t get t4bs to advance. Then it became t4cc. Then t2as. Then t5bs. Now t5cc. Each level has its own need. It also took 4 months to complete a basic 5* crystal and we did most or all of act 5 with 4* champs.
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    Ultimately, it's meant to be a progress separator. Which means it will take time for some to get to. T5CCs have become somewhat more available, albeit in small amounts. It just takes time to amass them. They'll be more available in the future, no doubt. However, there isn't a flaw in the system if it's not immediately available to people to achieve. That's a sign that it's successful in its goals.
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    The previous iteration of the glory store priced the premium item (t5b) cheaper for top tier progression players (cavalier) versus second tier (uncollected).

    The current version blocks it altogether for the second tier, but you can avoid RNG and get it $50 at a time. There are conceivably players with 5 classes near 0 t5cc and one class with a full or close to it. Also, there were tons of unit offers for t5b, usually at 1% for 100 units (6750 frags for 1500 units)
  • Panchulon21Panchulon21 Posts: 1,837 ★★★★
    How do you think previous cavalier players. Frame Throne breaker? I wasn’t uncolledted and jumped directly to throne breaker. I went from cavalier to TB.

    I’m no whale either. I have never purchased a selector from the store or any t5cc deals since they introduced them. The most I buy is sigil and 735 unit monthly deal.

    So your argument is... false.

    Go 100% act 6 like I did. If you can’t do that then you shouldn’t be a TB yet.
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    I got Thronebreaker by doing an initial Act 6 clear, an abyss run and then waiting out for a God tier champ to rank up. Pulled a 6* Ghost 2 weeks ago.

    There’s actually quite a bit of T5CC to earn. There’s to 10% available in the monthly EQ, 10% for the side event and 10% by the special solo objectives. That’s 30% a month. Even if you don’t do the monthly side event with the 4* team that’s 20% still a month. Go 100% act 6.1, it’s not that tough, there’s 25%. Go clear variant 5, another 25%. And all of this doesn’t include the T5CC for those in Alliances running AQ Map 7 or Master level AW.

    So assuming you’ve already done an initial act 6 clear and got the 25% from that, you could have earned between 60% - 90% worth from the monthly events, and 50% from 6.1 completion and variant 5. If you’ve not formed a crystal from all of that, fear not, go complete act 6.2, 6.3 or continue to complete the monthly events until you have a fully formed T5CC. I’m just 4% off forming my second one.

    I’m not saying the amount available is perfect. I think the 10% cav difficulty should be a selector, but everyone is in the same boat. And those who are Thronebreaker haven’t even been able to benefit from the title using the Glory store and people are whining over it not being fair. The problem is the game is to easy to clear act 5, so when you do get to really high end content the skill isn’t there to do it for newer players. Earn your T5CC like the current Thronebreakers have had to do (with the exception of those that whaled out on the 10% selector deals) and you will get the benefits too.
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    Dude there is a LOT that goes into getting Thronebreaker. Difficulty levels of content/amount of content that you kind of need to go through and beat in order to have a place for a R3 6* in your roster. I see far too many people complaining about how they rushed to Cavalier and then that they don't have the roster to complete certain things/get certain rewards...that's the point. If you rush to complete things/get things you aren't ready for, you won't have the resources to support a r3 roster. You'll suck yourself dry and be stuck - trust me, I would know. Did it years ago back when 4*s were all the rage. Just take your time and work towards it. It'll take time, for sure, but that's the point man.
  • Charlie21540Charlie21540 Posts: 272 ★★
    KAYDA said:

    What Thronebreakers seems to have forgotten is that there was no 6*r3 requirement when they became Thronebreaker...

    What!?!?!? Thats literally part of how we got the Thronebreaker title.
  • ch4rnch4rn Posts: 236 ★★
    KAYDA said:

    What Thronebreakers seems to have forgotten is that there was no 6*r3 requirement when they became Thronebreaker...

    You're right... it was natural progression.
    Now that the natural progression has had a title, a requirement, a buffed glory store, and a higher set of potential deals for cyber weekend put against it, players want the requirement for it to be made easier.

    I understand the frustration for players that may not have RNG luck to be able to take a desired champ to R3, but theres a ton of self entitled players who haven't even done a run through act 6.4, who haven't attempted the abyss, yet they want the requirements to be lowered to meet their selfish needs.

    An example is a player who posted on the forums recently that they pulled a 6* Omega Red, but they hate him. Most would disagree with him, so the RNG thing is also baseless at times as so called desired champs are based off personal preferences.
  • WorknprogressWorknprogress Posts: 5,213 ★★★★★
    KAYDA said:

    What Thronebreakers seems to have forgotten is that there was no 6*r3 requirement when they became Thronebreaker...

    What are you even talking about? Are you referring to the old title that was changed to breaker of thrones and is basically meaningless? Even if you had the old title, when it changed if you didn't have the R3, all that happened was your title changed to breaker of thrones and you still weren't thronebreaker.

  • Osfan8Osfan8 Posts: 582 ★★★
    KAYDA said:

    What Thronebreakers seems to have forgotten is that there was no 6*r3 requirement when they became Thronebreaker...

    Is that supposed to be a joke?
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