PI 10,5k looking for AQ Alliance 7/6/5

Hey guys,

Im looking for new alli. Right now im in alliance doing map 7 and playing plat4.
Got experience with map7 with epic modifiers , was doing officer and planned paths.
Im looking for AQ focused alliance with low intensity AW. Want to focus on content.

Im GMT +1, EU based player.


  • Ken1378Ken1378 Posts: 80
    We do Map 6 and optional war (G2/G3) if you’re interested. You can find me in-game or on Line if you’re interested: Ken13781378


    40 mill alliance rating running 665 with a minimum score of 325 mill weekly.

    Optional AW. (1 BG silver 1400 war rating). Can easily hit gold.

    Top 6-20% weekly SA. All Weekly milestones hit.

    Few spots open for skilled map 6 players and high prestige vets looking to slow down or realign their game play for map 5.

    AT: [BΩLVL]
    IGN: D I E S E L
  • Clarkkent76Clarkkent76 Posts: 128
    We'd be perfect for you. Just the right level, low stress, and lots of Breaker of Thrones members to help with advice as you move through the content.

    I'm UK based. We are 70% EU, 30% elsewhere. AQ usually done by lunchtime every day.

    On Line I'm clarkkent6631
  • Add me on line.


    We run map 6 for 400mil in aq with mix of master and epic mods along with low stress itemless war war. Floating between tier 5-7 and gold 1/2. Top 300 aq scores
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