new black panther coming soon and small issues are alerted

for 3-4 days before the rich the man channel updated the black panther new one is coming in contest and realm of champions and magneto issues that the real of magneto is magnus and contest game story coming in ps5

i think next year kabam like to decided as releasing this game on ps5

and some issues are checking, but next month spiderham and new scarlet witch and daredevil buffed coming so be ready and prepare for next

and next year, they releasing new black panther the realm of champions is getting updated so prepare for that also, so ready for big battles and quests


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    Do I need to get ready?
  • Sundance_2099Sundance_2099 Posts: 1,011 ★★★
    the Hel did I just read?
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    OP I’m not really sure what you’re trying to say
  • So basically, conspiracy theories?
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    Uuuuhhhhhhhh, what?
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    I think the OP has been surfing YouTube too quickly.
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    edited November 22

    I think the OP has been surfing YouTube too quickly.

    I think OP had a candy rush while surfing YouTube too quickly.
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    Rookiie said:

    I think the OP has been surfing YouTube too quickly.

    I think OP had a candy rush while surfing YouTube too quickly.
    they had something.
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    the news i heard of ps5 i damn it sorry and ps5 console story is well coming and they very well known that future revolution will be released for next year so wait and get ready for that
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    well but all in this discussions want to hear, that is confirmed and we can wait for sometime and you want to get to know some discussion please smash the like in this discussion
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    Possible translation:

    They saw on Rich’s MCOC news that:

    - Gabe said on Twitter that a new black Panther was coming to MCOC and MROC
    - There are issues with Magneto
    - There was a thread that discussed Magneto’s real name. The Max, Magnus, Eric debacle
    - Gabe also said something on Twitter about the new anniversary trailer “showing what a console MCOC might look like”. This does not mean it’s coming to console, it sounds to me like gameplay or graphics updates, or just that anniversary trailer will be very cinematic

    They think next year MCOC is coming to PS5 (it’s not)

    They are working on fixing the issues, Daredevil is getting buffed in December, and Spider ham and Scarlet Witch are being released next month

    The new black Panther might be released next year, as well as an update to MROC, so get ready for the year ahead

    But we can't decide and next we will lnow about new winter soldier, mystique, scarlett witch, darredevil ( the hell's kitchen) and spiderham

    These will be better for next and upcoming updates so we will wait and what
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