Who should I rank up to help me get cavalier completion?

I completed 6.1.1 easy but died so many times on sentinel and ultron. This is my roster. Who should I rank up to help me push for cavalier? (btw I'm probably the worst ghost player ever, I've watched videos but im still really bad.


  • RaviDaviRaviDavi Posts: 341 ★★
    I don't think you need to explicitly rank up more champs to become Cav, those you have at r3 and up should be enough. (Especially Warlock)
  • DarkDuelistDarkDuelist Posts: 306 ★★
    edited November 22
    I know you're gonna hate to hear it but honestly just ghost. Practice as much as you need on ROL winter solider, normal questing, or even duels, you WILL get better (I used to think the same thing, I'd never had any star ghost before so when I first got her it seemed way to hard to pick up but now she's amazing). I cannot even begin to describe how many thousands of units in heals she will save you.

    Edit: Besides that, Nick Fury is great, and if you awaken Omega Red he is amazing too (great counter for crossbones boss which is arguably the hardest boss in 6.1) However, ghost is still better than both of them lol.
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