Graphics effects iPhone 12 pro max

Why on iPhone 12 Pro max there is no graphics effects, I mean those transparent effects. Game Looks worst than on android


  • I just noticed that too on my 12 pro max.
  • ValmarxValmarx Posts: 108
    Currently on iphone 12 mini and i feel the effect are way to over exaggerated .
    It in such stage it annoys to fight cause of massive fog or blur around
  • Looks like they messed it up with this last update
  • willanclarencewillanclarence Posts: 14
    Same issue here. I asked a friend to record Antman’s SP1 in his iPhone 11 Pro Max and the graphic effect when he goes small is way cooler with the blur effect. Nothing in iPhone 12 Pro Max, it’s like the same with Android
  • ZaynouZaynou Posts: 243
    Buy Android phone
  • RustyWarRustyWar Posts: 37
    It just takes time for Kabam to catch up to the latest tech.. I remember in October 2018 when I purchased a iPad Pro 12.9” with the thin bezel it wasn’t until the January update that the game filled the full screen.. those black bars really sucked I needed a extra long thumb for the special button lol

    Anyway I’m sure they will update the game eventually for the 12 pro max in time because I doubt it’s a priority.
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