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Champion Update Suggestion Spotlight: Iron Fist

At one point in the history of the Contest(cough cough pre 12.0), Iron Fist proved to be a formidable mystic hitter with his numerous Armor Breaks. The aim of this Champion Update is to return the viability of Iron Fist's Armor Breaks and to expand upon his mystic abilities to control the opponents buffs and even debuffs on himself.
Iron Fist Improvements:
-4% base Health, +6% base Attack and +20% base Energy Resist.
Ability Change: On Critical Hit.
Apply an Armor Break debuff for 8 seconds, removing Armor and reducing Armor rating by 10%.
When an Armor Break debuff is placed, the attack also deals an additional 20% Physical damage. This damage increases with each Armor Break on the opponent, reaching a maximum of 65% additional Physical damage.
All personal Armor Break debuffs are paused while charging a heavy attack and during the 2nd Special Attack.
Ability Replacement: On all All Attacks:
When striking an opponent that is suffering from a Weakness debuff, gain a precision buff for 6 seconds, increasing Critical Rating by 9%.
Ability Change: Heavy Attacks:
While charging a Heavy Attack, Iron Fist transfers 1 of each unique debuff on him to the opponent as a Weakness debuff for 7 seconds, with each stack reducing the opponents Attack by 5%.
Upon a clean hit from the Heavy Attack, nullify one of each unique Buff from the opponent and place a Armor Break for each buff nullified. If no buffs were nullified, Iron Fist instead refreshes all Armor Break debuffs on the opponent.
New Ability: Chi Control:
Iron Fist’s mastery over his own Chi allows him to control the flow of power between him and his opponent, allowing him to instantly Power Drain the opponent whenever they gain power from Iron Fist’s personal buffs. This ability does not trigger against Science Champions.
This ability also grants Iron Fist no effect on his power meter from Power Drain, Burn and Steal effects.
Special Attack 1 Addition:
Each hit of this attack has a 70% chance to place a Power Drain debuff on Iron Fist for 6 seconds.
Special Attack 2 Addition:
Iron Fist decimates the opponent's weak points, dealing {80% of his Attack} Physical Damage per each personal Weakness and Armor Break debuff on the opponent. This attack also cannot be auto-blocked.
Special Attack 3 Addition:
Iron Fist permanently blocks the opponents flow of Chi, preventing the opponent from gaining any additional power from all sources but Power gained naturally from being hit and attacking.
This attack refreshes all Armor Breaks debuffs on the opponent and doubles the Armor Break debuffs.
Signature Ability Replacement:
The Fist of the Shou-Lou: Iron Fist heightens his connection to the heart of Shou-Lou, allowing him to increase the capabilities of his Heavy Attacks and the longevity of his debuffs.
Armor Break and Weakness debuffs gain {10% to 60%} duration.
Heavy Attacks have a {40 to 100%} chance to also place a Armor Break debuff for 30 seconds, removing Armor and reducing Armor Rating by 35%. This debuff does not stack.
Charging a Heavy Attack for 0.7 seconds grants Iron Fist an additional trigger on his debuff transferal.


  • L_217L_217 Posts: 109 ★★
    jay_den said:

    Looks like someone just got a 6 star Iron Fist...hahahaha

    Congrats buddy..

    Not me, but one of my alliance mates got him twice in a row today. Made this because looking at pajama man is depressing enough.
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