Champion buffs

I know this is a topic that has been talked a lot but wanted to bring this up again.
So champs that could use more to them or just some general beefing up.

Great champ already, but as we see in the movie he can go invisible, so i would love that to be incorporated. Like lets say, all attacks against him has a 3% chance to miss? Not too much but enough to mess up your combo against him, just like against BW or Ultron. Would be kinda cool?

Luke Cage
Gains industructible buff the same way juggs goes unstoppable, after specials.
And as we know he has inpenetrable skin, so all bullet attacks deal 50% reduced damage and 100% less while blocking.

Spider Gwen
Add few webshots to her L1, makes her somewhat better.

Same evade mechanism as BW

Groot and KG
50% reduced damage from bullets and 100% less while blocking
Takes 25% more damage while incinerated

Add bleed to L1

War Machine
L2 inflicts also incinerate. And even through a block

Some kinda special that inflicts poison like King Groot.
And better poison chance when at max dupe,
like 20-22%?

Iron Man and Superior IM
L2 has x% chance to inflict power drain, draining 25% of opponets max power

Heavy also inflict stagger that prevents the opponents from receiving the same buffs that his heavy can nullify, lasts for 10sec?

Once duped he starts the fight locked on

Doctor Strange
Same amount of life steal as Ghost rider on the same ranks

Deadpool (x-force)
Chance to activate regen on special attacks.
L1 has a 13% chance to regen 10% of max health
L2 has a 25% chance to regen 20% of max health
L3 has a 80% chance to regen 15% of max health

Netflix DD
Once awakened
Gains cruelty buff if the enemy has 3 or more armour breaks active.

Wont gain fury if she has only 1 phoenix force buff, makes her far more easier to control on those furys.
But if the same amount of fury has been active more than 12 sec she goes to overload
(Needs a timer "buff" here)

Iron Patriot
Can still inflict stun after overload

Gains the buff that was active while launching special attack
Replace physical resistance with a 3% regen
Heavy inflicts a 20sec bleed insted of 10 but the same amount still

Just some buffs i came up with, dont thin it would make the champs to OP jus a little more better and playable outside of arena and def diversity.

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