A time to be thankul

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in America, otherwise known as Cyber Monday weekend for the rest of the world. And for -me - an average player with just a "cavalier" tile, late Friday night is usually the time when I start pulling my credit card out of my wallet in order gift me some units/shards/rank up materials from my favorite Mobile game MARVEL CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS.

I'm not sure whether the Kabam company considers me a small, average, or big spender. I've kinda rounded up the numbers
$5 for the daily unit card each month = $60/year
$10 for the sigil every month = $120/year
4th of July deals, 3x odins, 3x Black Panthers, 3x Tony Starks, 3xStarlords, 3x Peter Parkers = $585
Cyber monday deals = $585
I would say that roughly I spend $1,350/year plus whatever other good offers pop during the year.

This year, this Cyber Weekend was very different for me though. I ended up spending only about $75 I think. That was 3x Peter Parkers, 3x starlords, and 1x Tony Stark.
I am not gonna say that the offers were underwhelming or bad or anything like that. I understand that you are just paying for the face value of the unit packages you are purchasing, and everything else is just a gift technically.
But I will say that for me, and for my account they didn't really hold real value, that's all.

I am still thankful that other people in a different tier invested on Kabam's offers and got good value in return. I am also thankful that Kabam seems to understand that maybe, as little spenders as people like me are, we are still part of their business model and hopefully will make those offers a tad more appealing.

But mostly, during uncertain times like the ones we all are going through I am thankful that I was able to save myself roughly $510 and hopefully will put that money to better use.
So once more, and in the spirit of this Holiday I will just say, I AM THANKFUL.
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