Boss Killer? Aspiring? Join us - 3.6M alliance in search of new blood

Very active, climbing alliance looking for 2-3 good additions. Whether you already have a highly rated roster or are building one (but at bare minimum no 3*s in profile...), we'd love to have you join our fun & lively group to advance together.

AQ/AW focus (map 3 now, map 4/5 soon). Hit SA easily every week (better rewards than the hoarders).

Use Discord app to coordinate - ask that you communicate well and participate often. If interested add me in game (SWGOH Mos Def), on Discord (mosdef1981 #0118), or on Line (mosdef1981).

Look forward to hearing from you.


  • RoraRora Posts: 124
    i use line only
  • SWGOH_MosDefSWGOH_MosDef Posts: 112
    Sorry to miss you - we've got 29 on discord already so unlikely to switch. But as an aside, I use both and have actually found Discord to be more useable.

    Either way, anyone else interested? 1 more spot open at the moment...

    If you've been clearing paths in another alliance but want to step up your game and get some work boss killing we'd love to have you (plus it will do wonders for your skill progression).
  • Can confirm that this alliance is active and legit :smile: (biased)

    Feel free to add me as well if you have any questions:
    Goatse Boy (in-game)
    Goatse (Line)
    Goatse Boy#8454 (Discord)
  • RoraRora Posts: 124
    when u guys switch to Line then let me know. Till then adioz amigoz
  • SWGOH_MosDefSWGOH_MosDef Posts: 112
    Some great finds out here, love the enthusiasm. Still 1 more spot.

    If you're tired of being the most active person in your current alliance, or are constantly waiting for someone slow to power down your nodes, and you want a group that can keep pace, join us.

    Good group, well coordinated, fun, mature, and no drama. Must be willing to use Discord
  • @Rora If you ever end up giving Discord a shot, I'm sure you'll like it. It's a more organized, less intrusive version of Line. No random unwarranted notifications and advertisements, plus you can sign on from your computer too instead of checking your phone all the time.
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