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Arena help requests is still bugged from last 2 months

Already 2 months gone, and kabam hadn't even mention about this when they gonna fixed it
@Kabam Miike


  • For me, it’s worse than ever in the past few days. I’m having to quit and re-start several times a day when the game freezes when attempting to request help
  • Speeds80Speeds80 Posts: 2,004 ★★★★
    I think it’s the thing causing the game dropped inputs, started at the same time, I think they should put help button on hold for a while and just give us 1000 loyalty a day, if it fixes the game leave it off and shorten the cool down periods to suit
  • I'm still having this issue months later. Ask for help in arena and game freezes about every 6th or 7th time. Have to restart the game. Arena in unplayable
  • Kabam BooKabam Boo Posts: 840 ★★★★★
    We're very sorry to hear that you are still experiencing difficulties here. Please let us know if you've noticed particular instances during Arena where the Help button would cause the game to freeze? Meanwhile, we will alert the team of this continued issue. Thank you.
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