Need 4* firepower for Act 5.3

50% damage reduction in Act 5.3 sucks. I don't enjoy the long fights which is why I'm kind of stuck. Looking at my 4*'s to make the trip easier. Who should I r5 and why?

Need 4* firepower for Act 5.3 10 votes

4* Stark Spider-Man (sig 99)
4* Ghost (sig 99)
ThatGuyYouSaw235Kill_GreyBonzodavidFaseehSaltE_Wenis69QazzyWill3808MonkeRaviDaviBarani7da 10 votes


  • MonkeMonke Posts: 6,505 ★★★★★
    4* Ghost (sig 99)
    Her damage is far more superior, and her overall utility with synergies makes her insane. I used her for every boss of act 5 after the collector and it was EZ
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