Book 2 Act 1 Chapter 1: Brave New Battlerealm!


Along with the help of the Summoner and their team of Champions, Carina has broken the throne of The Battlerealm. It seems things can now begin to heal… however, a powerful relic has gone missing from The Contest, The Grandmaster's Iso Sphere. With no one else available, Carina and the Summoner have been tasked to recover the missing Sphere.

Carina will need to scour the far corners of The Battlerealm in order to locate the wayward relic, all while defending herself from sinister dangers that are both new to this realm...yet somehow eerily familiar. Be wary Summoner, here you face danger and discovery in equal measure...


Welcome to the new beginning of Story Quests for Marvel Contest of Champions!

There’s been a lot of conversation recently about the design and intent behind quests, especially Story Quests. We’ve taken those discussions, requests, and reimaginings to heart and applied them to the brand new Book 2 Act 1 Chapter 1 that awaits all of you. Before folks jump in, we’d like to share some of the guiding principles we used to shape Book 2 and inform our decisions.
  • Empower players with more meaningful choices in quests.
  • Respect players' investment of time, money, and champion choice.
  • Reward more player achievements, and punish fewer losses.
  • Reduce players mental load and let them spend more time enjoying the quest.
Overall, we’ve reshaped Story Content to focus more on player enjoyment, engagement, and challenges that entice you to try them more than discourage you from attempting. So without further ado, here’s the low-down on the skinny behind Book 2 Act 1 Chapter 1


Below we’ve broken down the fundamentals of what you’re going to find inside Book 2 Act 1 Chapter 1 (or Book 2.1.1 for short).
  • 1 Act composed of 4 Chapters
  • Each Chapter consists of 6 Quests
  • Each Quest Composed of…
  • 6 Paths with 6 Encounter per Path
  • 3 Final Bosses (2 Paths converge on each Final Boss)
  • 1 Choice Node per Path (located at the end of a path, just before the Final Boss)
We’ve returned to the tried-and-true format of 6 Quests per Chapter with 4 Chapters per Act. We’ve also moved away from the larger format maps of Book 1 Act 6 and crafted quests with fewer paths, nodes, and fights. Along with the older format, we’ve brought in something new: Choice Nodes. Using functionality from the impressive Incursions quests, we’re able to bring Choice Nodes to Story Content. From inside the quest, players will be able to swap out any single non-KO’d Champion for a 5 or 6 Star in their roster.

Another new feature we’ve brought to Story Content is the addition of multiple Final Bosses. Players now have more choice regarding who they’d prefer to fight, with less worry of a Final Boss wearing out their welcome or their roster. This also creates more opportunity for designers to craft interesting Boss Fights that can afford to be more niche, knowing that they won’t brick-wall players attempting their completion runs.


Each Quest consists of 6 paths, with. an average of 23 nodes per path. The average per quest will be 69 Energy for Completion, and 414 for Mastery.

The total Energy cost of Completion is 414 Energy, and the total Cost of Exploration will be 2484 Energy.


In the past, Story Content tested the limits of players by making demands on their roster to deliver specific buffs and debuffs, all while expecting expertly timed skill checks. We’re not looking to deviate from this intent, but instead of making these demands the bare minimum necessary for progression, we’re choosing instead to reward players who bring the optimal skills and champions to the challenges presented. Playing into the demands of nodes and opponents will see players gaining more power, doing more damage, and surviving fights with greater ease.

We also acknowledge that sometimes luck just isn’t on your side when you crack a new
crystal. Occasionally you get a great champ who just happens to be one of the few who can’t do “the thing” that their Class is known for. Well for those who find themselves in those situations, we’ve got a brand new set of Buff Nodes designed to improve the abilities of players who bring the right Class of Champion for the fights ahead. These buff nodes reward optimal play with the optimal Class, improving Champions who may not be “God Tier” without boxing out the ones who are.

Shake it Off
Skill Attackers Purify 1 Debuff(s) whenever they Dash backwards. The number of Debuffs Purified increases by 1 for every subsequent Dash performed in a row.
Cage Rattler
Whenever a Skill Attacker is Blocked, they have a 50% chance to Passively Stun the Defender for 2 second(s). The Stun chance is increased by 10% for every 5 hit(s) on the Attacker's Combo Meter.
Double Down
Whenever a Skill Attacker fails to apply a Debuff to the Defender due to an Immunity, they gain a Precision Buff increasing Critical Rating by 40% for 10 second(s).

Muscle Wizard
Whenever a Mystic Attacker knocks down the Defender, the Attacker gains an Unstoppable Buff for 6 second(s). If the Attacker was already Unstoppable, they instead gain an indefinite Fury Buff, increasing Attack Rating by 50%. A maximum of 4 Fury Buffs can be gained this way.
Mystic Focus
Whenever a Mystic Attacker holds Block or charges a Heavy Attack, they activate a Power Gain Buff, providing 5% of their Max Power every 1 second(s) for the duration of the Block or Heavy Charge.
Mystic Curse
Whenever a Mystic Attacker activates a Special Attack, they Poison the Defender, dealing 60% of their Attack Rating as Direct Damage over 7 second(s). The potency of the Poison increases by 25% for every Buff on the Defender.

Whenever a Cosmic Attacker fails to trigger a Buff due to chance, they have a 100% chance to trigger a Fury Buff instead, increasing Attack by 80% for 7 second(s). This cannot trigger itself.
Cosmic Fracture
Cosmic Attacker's Light Attacks have a 50% chance to Armor Break the Defender, reducing their Armor Rating by 40% for 7 second(s). If the Light Hit was Critical, the chance is 100% instead.
Cosmic Avalanche
Whenever Cosmic Attackers activate a Special Attack, they gain a +40% Fury Buff for the duration of that Special Attack for each Unique Buff on them.

Mutant Mastery
Whenever a Mutant Attacker applies a Debuff to the Defender, they have a 40% chance to gain an indefinite Prowess Buff, increasing Special Attack Damage by 30%. This chance increases by 20% for each Debuff on the Defender. These Prowess Buffs are removed after the Attacker finishes a Special Attack.
Every 5 hits on their Combo Meter, Mutant Attackers Purify all Bleed, Incinerate, and Coldsnap Debuffs currently on them. Any Debuffs Purified this way provide the Attacker with 10% of a Bar of Power.
Evolutionary Advantage
While the Defender is suffering from a Bleed, Armor Break, or Concussion Debuff, Mutant Attackers gain an indefinite Fury Buff, increasing Attack Rating by 70%. The Fury is removed when the Defender no longer has any of those Debuffs.

Power Suppression
Whenever a Science Attacker activates a Special Attack, they apply an Enervate Debuff to the Defender for 6 second(s), preventing them from gaining Power when struck. Whenever this Enervate would expire, it consumes an active Debuff on the Defender to reapply itself.
Whenever Science Attackers perform a Well-Timed Block, they apply a Power Sting Debuff to the Defender for 5 seconds. Defenders with Power Sting take 100% of the Attacker's Attack Rating as Direct Damage when activating a Special Attack. The Power Sting duration increases by 25% for every Debuff on the Defender.
Eat Crow
Science Attackers gain Immunity to Nullify. Whenever a Nullify or Poison fails to apply to the Attacker due to Immunity, they gain a Fury Passive increasing Attack by 80% for 6 second(s).

Technical Suppression
Whenever a Tech Attacker activates a Special Attack, they have a 100% chance to Heal Block the Defender for 8 second(s). If the Defender was already Heal Blocked, the Attacker instead gains a Fury Buff for the duration of that Special Attack, increasing Attack Rating by 70%.
While Tech Attackers have an Armor Up Buff, they are immune to Bleed, Poison, and Coldsnap effects. Whenever a Tech Attacker would receive a Debuff they are immune to, they gain a Fury Passive increasing Attack Rating by 20% for 7 second(s).
The Gloves Are Off
Whenever a Tech Attacker removes their own Armor Up Buff, or it expires, or it is removed by an Armor Break, they have a 30% chance to gain a Fury Buff, increasing Attack Rating by 50% for 8 second(s). This chance increases by 15% for every Attacker Armor Up Buff that has expired or been removed by an Armor Break since the start of the fight.


As powerful as 6-Stars are, it can be difficult to give them a spot over a more valuable 5-Star Champion. To help players get through the rigours of Book 2.1.1, and entice folks into dusting off their 6-Stars, we’ve added three new Global Buff Nodes that add a little extra “umph” and a lot more sustain. These 6-Star boosting buffs are going to become a staple of Book 2 Act 1, so you can count on them to be there for you and your 6-Stars in Chapters 2, 3, and 4 in the months to come.

Adrenaline Rush
The Attacker gains up to 100% Damage Reduction at all times, scaling with their current Adrenaline. Adrenaline is gained after being Struck.
Hold the Line
The Attacker gains up to +80% Block Proficiency at all times, scaling with their current Adrenaline. Adrenaline is gained after being Struck.
Star Power
6-star Attackers gain a permanent Passive Fury, increasing Attack Rating by +700.


Bosses make up some of the most engaging and climactic experiences inside a Quest. To help bring some unique challenges to Book 2.1.1’s many new Bosses, we’ve crafted some special Buff Nodes that are sure to test players skills and rosters.

Bullet Time
Any time the Defender is Stunned, they immediately remove the Stun and gain an Evade Charge which grants a 100% Chance to Evade. Each time a Hit is Evaded 1 Evade Charge is removed. If the Attacker avoids a Basic Attack using the Dexterity Mastery, all Evade Charges are removed, and the Defender is Passively Stunned for 1.5 second(s) per Charge removed.

When the Attacker has more than 33% of their Max Power, they gain a Power Gain Passive which raises their Combat Power Rate by 100%. If the Attacker has more than 75% of their Max Power, they are immediately Power Drained down to zero.

Whenever the Defender is Struck by a basic attack, they gain a Tantrum Charge. When the Defender is knocked down, all Tantrum Charges are removed and each deals a burst of Physical Damage equal to 10% of the Defender's Atack to the Attacker. While the Defender has a Concussion, Disorient, Enervate, or Taunt Debuff, all Tantrum Charges are removed without causing damage, and the Defender cannot gain any new Charges.

Defective Defense
Blocking attacks has a 100% chance to apply a Disorient Debuff to the Attacker, reducing Block Proficiency and Defensive Ability Accuracy by 25% for 12 second(s). The chance is reduced by 50% flat if the Block was Well-Timed. The Attacker can dash back and hold block for 1.2 second(s) to remove one of these Debuffs.

Special Burst Lock Down - 2
Whenever the Defender activates a Special Attack, the Attacker is afflicted with both a Heal Block and an Armor Break Debuff, lasting 10 seconds and reducing Armor Rating by 35%.

Rust and Ruin
When the Defender is struck, 40% chance to inflict Armor Break on the Attacker, reducing the Attacker’s Armor Rating by 25% over 10 seconds. If the Attacker has 5 or more of these Armor Breaks active on them, they are consumed and turned into an indefinite Armor Break Debuff.

Every 10 Hits on the Attacker's Combo Meter afflicts them with a Falter Passive. Falter causes their attacks to Miss, and lasts 3 second(s). When the Attacker is Struck, Falter is removed.

Whenever the Attacker avoids a Hit with the Dexterity Mastery, they gain a Mercy Passive. Executing a Well-Timed Block will remove all Mercy Passives from the Attacker and apply them to the Defender, where they will fall off 1 at a time every 1.5 seconds. The Defender reduces damage taken from all sources by 90% unless they have a Mercy Passive. If the Defender has a Mercy Passive, the Attacker gains +80% Attack Rating for their Special Attacks.

Staggering Beauty
While close to the Defender, the Attacker gains a Stagger Debuff every 3 seconds, nullifying their next Buff effect. Staying far away from the Defender causes these Staggers to gradually fall off.

Cold Fusion
Whenever a Cold Snap or Frost Bite expires or is purified by either Champion, the Defender gains 33% of a Bar of Power over 6 second(s).

High Energy Diet
The Defender has 99% Energy Resistance, and any Hit that deals Energy Damage Regenerates them for what the damage would have been. While the Defender is affected by an Incinerate, Shock, or Coldsnap Debuff, the Defender gains 100% of a Bar of Power every 10 second(s).

Power Buildup
When the Defender reaches 2 Bars of Power, they gain an indefinite Prowess Buff every 2 second(s) increasing Special Attack Damage by 100%.

Power Overflow
If this Defender has 10 Prowess Buffs when they activate a Special Attack it becomes Unblockable.


Book 2.1.1 sees the return of familiar foes for some, and the unveiling of bold new enemies for others: Mashup Champions! These unique opponents combine the best (or worst) of two different Champions into a singular potent threat, waiting to challenge any Summoner bold enough to attempt Chapter 1. Do you have what it takes to depose these deranged devils?

Electro Luke
Luke Cage has made a shocking discovery: Electro’s stunning electric powers are as addictive as they are effective! Unfortunately for everyone else those same powers have caused Luke to short circuit, turning him into a sadistic shock jockey on the hunt for fresh opponents.

Night Carnage
Carnage has never felt more alive, infused with a swashbuckling zeal he never knew he always wanted. Armed with a dandy new teleport, Carnage seeks to make the most of this transportational power by spreading some more of his namesake around the Battlerealm.

Punishing Angel
Merging with the Punisher’s strong sense of vengeance has caused some of Angela’s wires to become permanently crossed. She now finds herself laying down lethal judgements on those who have committed even the smallest of crimes.

Ice Phoenix
Gone is the Phoenix’s fiery rage, replaced by an icey resolve and a cool demeanor. Ice Phoenix longs to share her newly acquired “chill vibes”, even if it means putting other champions on ice.

Already a formidable opponent, Spider-Gwen found her abilities suddenly enhanced with an infusion of chaos magic! Though the mystic energies have granted a variety of special powers their chaotic influence has warped Spider-Gwen’s mind, transforming her into an agent of chaos and destruction.

Gwenpool has been forced to acknowledge that her time in the spotlight has gone, and that better Skill champs have taken her position over the years. However, she still knows of one Champion who’s irreplaceable. Behold the perfect combination: Gwenpool and Hyperion!


A new Chapter of Story content wouldn’t be complete without a nice set of rewards.

Chapter 1 Completion Rewards
1x Tier 5 Class Catalyst Crystal (25%)
1x 6-Star Rank up Gem 1 > 2 Crystal
10x 6-Star Signature Stone Crystals
10 000x 6-Star Champion Crystal Shards
1 000 000x Gold

Chapter 1 Exploration Rewards
1x Tier 5 Class Catalyst Selector (25%)
1x Tier 5 Class Catalyst Crystal (25%)
1x 6-Star Nexus Crystal
20x 6-Star Signature Stones
10x 6-Star Signature Stone Crystals
1 000 000x Gold

Quest Completion and Exploration Rewards
6x Tier 5 Class Iso (different for each Quest)
4x Tier 6 Class Iso (different for each Quest)

Path Based Rewards
These one-time pickup rewards are located throughout each Quest Map.

2x Gold Pickups (50 000 Gold each)
2x Unit Pickups (45 units each)
2x 6-Star Shard Pickups (750 shards each)
2x Tier 2 Alpha Catalyst Fragment Pickups (9 000 Fragments each)
2x Tier 2 Alpha Catalyst Fragment Pickups (18 000 Fragments each)
2x Tier 5 Basic Catalyst Fragments Pickups (22 500 Fragments each)

And that’s everything new you can expect for Book 2 Act 1 Chapter 1 - BRAVE NEW BATTLEREALM! As a parting note, we’d like to say thank you to our fantastic community for all of your patience, your passion, and your participation in helping shape the future of Marvel Contest of Champions. We hope you enjoy the start of this brand new journey into Story Quests!

Mythic Summoners and Legends!

We’re updating our Legends Program, and introducing a new title! But since announcing it, a few things have changed… We’re no longer retiring the Legends Title, but are adding a new tier above that will start out being much rarer!

We’re also trying a new method for determining which Summoners receive the title!

Summoners will have a 30 Day period (December 9th - January 8th) in which to attempt to their Legends Run. As soon as you start Book 2 Act 1 Chapter 1, you will have 24 hours to 100% the Chapter to record your qualifying time.

Instead of time from the start of the quest, until exploration, we will be looking for the Fastest Total Fight Time. This means the total time for all fights in the Chapter, from the Champion Run-In until a KO will be recorded and added together to determine your Legends Run time. This helps to eliminate the discrepancy between the performance of devices.

This also means that the time you spend adjusting your team, moving around the quest board, activating boosts and energy refills, or even your mid-day nap will not factor into your Legends time. Only the time you spend fighting (this includes time when the fight is paused)!

Top 5 Summoners will receive the Mythic title, as well as:
1x 50% Tier 5 Class Catalyst Selector
10x 6-Star +5 Signature Stones
1x 6-Star Wolverine (Weapon X)

Summoners that place 6-100 will receive the Legends title, as well as:
1x 25% Tier 5 Class Catalyst Selector
4x 6-Star +5 Signature Stones
1x 6-Star Wolverine (Weapon X)

Legends Points for the Legends Leaderboard:
1st place: 300 points
2-5: 200 Points
6-50: 25 Points
51-100: 15 Points

The Brave New Battlerealm Awaits

There isn't much time to prepare, Summoner! The first Chapter of Book 2 arrives on December 9th! Get ready!
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    looks pretty dupe!
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    5 stars are still viable in the latest content so why not make them part of the rewards. They can still keep up with rank 3 6 stars.
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    Only 2 6 stars and no 5 star shards at all? Act 6 rewards was way better for act 6 then wow
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    Super excited for this, goimg to be goimg for a legends run, and really appreciate the device speed stuff that’s been added, will you also be cracking down on illegit legend runs fir this like with abyss? Would make everything much better if you do

    How I’m understand this legden run u hav to records it yourself. Or I’m missing somtimg
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    So is the legends run for the monthly EQ getting the same update as the story quests? Or is this only for permanent content? Looks really good btw
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    Oh I noticed a spelling mistake too. Under quests breakdown and energy costs
    Average was spelt wrong but like "sverage"
    Happy to be the spelling police
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    SO GLAD to see the bulk of what we had in the beta was kept!!! especially this > Each Chapter consists of 6 Quests!
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    May just push myself for exploration to get those selectors. Will be sweet to rank 3 my OR.
    first need to unlock suicides lol
  • excited about those t5cc rewards. If it's only 36 paths I might just push myself way too hard for the selector to get closer to tronebreaker.
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    Another story quest and another bad rewards...
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    Only 2 6 stars and no 5 star shards at all? Act 6 rewards was way better for act 6 then wow

    There's plenty of places to get 5* shards. If your main content focus is book 2 because all other content is done, 5* shards aren't your focus anyways.
  • Demi_GodJay69Demi_GodJay69 Posts: 102
    Rewards look great but what about 5 stars shards? 0 5 star shards for the whole thing?
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