LF One active Map 5 summoner to replace a retiring 10K player

We are currently in need of one player preferably in 9-10K prestige to replace a retiring player

We're AQ focused running 3 BG (Map 5/5/5) on all 5 days with master/heroic modifiers.
We 100% every time within 12 hours. 225 million/week.
AW is optional as we only run 2 BG AW season. Currently Gold 3.
Must have LINE for communication.

Our alliance consist of a few 9-10K prestige guys focusing on Abyss and 100% Act 6.
Average members prestige: 7-8K
We finish AQ early. Keep your best champs for EQ and Solo Quests.

It's an active alliance that's chill and healthy with primarily working adults. :)
Interested players, please contact LINE ID: jonarctargaryen


  • JonarcJonarc Posts: 96
    We had a couple of players join from last post that wanted to be part of gifting. Unfortunately, they weren't as active as they claim to be therefore we're looking to replace two players who's Map 5 active and can communicate well. LINE required.

    If you are concern with getting some alliance gifting rewards, anyone joining at the end of AQ today would still be able to get in with 3 days remaining (due to the 14-day waiting period for holiday gifting).

    Interested players, contact LINE: JonarcTargaryen
  • JayV429JayV429 Posts: 26
    Line Id - jayv29
  • JonarcJonarc Posts: 96
    It's a good break but we're looking for one other player to fill another vacant spot. If you are active and want to focus primarily on AQ and have more time free up to do all these new content such as the side quests and newer variants, this alliance will free up more time as. Just do you part and finish your lanes in AQ.

    Interested parties, please contact LINE: jonarctargaryen
  • JonarcJonarc Posts: 96
    edited January 2021
    Updating the post's title, we are looking to replace 4-5 players between now and after the end of AW season. We have to replace a 10K player leaving and we're also looking to replace a few lower tier players 8-9K works too. Some of the guys are getting too busy with work and is gonna step down to a less active alliance.

    If you are active and interested, we are AQ focused doing Map 5 on all 3 BGs (approx. 235K score). We have been completing 100% every time in all 3 BGs. Everyone is supportive and active. We do 2 BG AW on voluntary basis (currently Gold 3).

    LINE is a requirement. We use that for all our alliance communication for AQ and AW.

    Interested contact: jonarctargaryen
  • JonarcJonarc Posts: 96
    Another update. Even though we've received plenty of inquiries and interest, we still have 2 more spots to fill up. I want to be more specific this time around.

    Because some of the interest we received were from EST mainly. Ideally, we'd want to find US timezone players in PST to be exact.

    Preferably 8K prestige and higher. AQ focused and must be active and responsive in terms of communicating within the BG. LINE is a requirement. (Used for all our alliance communication for AQ and AW)

    Interested contact: jonarctargaryen
  • JonarcJonarc Posts: 96
    We have 2 spots opened up and like to get them filled before AQ starting today. AQ Map 5x5. Must have LINE.
    Contact LINE: jonarctargaryen
  • JonarcJonarc Posts: 96
    We currently have two spots to fill. We do Map 5x5 with heroic/master modifiers. 250 million. 100% AQ every time. We're also doing 2 BG AW and have been Gold3 the past 4 seasons.

    Must have LINE and be active on AQ. Interested players contact LINE: jonarctargaryen
  • JonarcJonarc Posts: 96
    We're looking to fill one spot. A pre-med student in our alliance had to take a break to focus on his program. If you're US timezone, preferably PST and have an account of 9K+ looking for active AQ alliance, come check us out.

    Interested player should contact LINE: jonarctargaryen
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