Abyss without Aegon, Strategy help

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So here’s my current thinking, riding Nick as my primary route clearer with MM, SP2 after going unblockable.

I also have ST and Squatch along with Colossus and OR. My question is which Aegonless strategy is the least likely to leave me in tears lol.

Trying to get TB before the Christmas Gift opening here, I’m hopeful Aegon blesses my roster but I’m prepared that he won’t after 12 months of hoping.
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    I would add Magneto instead of Quake. He can solo Omega R and Ghost and help with IMIW and HtD.

    Aegon is great for Abyss but all his greatness is concentrated in the Collector fight. Rest of the map can equally efficiently be cleared by other champs. BUT (and that's a big but :D ), Aegon's advantage against the collector is huge as compared to other champs. Corvus is a good back up option, make sure to take all charges from IMIW plus a mutant fight.
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