Gene Splicing node as intended?

So right now the gene splicing node is triggering on my magneto in every fight. So every fight he has the bleed from double edge for a few seconds and then it is purified. So I am unable to get any willpower healing after those few seconds. And then I have up to 3 of the gene splicing crossfights on at any one time. Is this how it is supposed to be working? I assumed it would be similar to other cross fight nodes like parry curse or doom sayth, where after it triggers in one fight it doesn't trigger again until it expires. If not why even bother having the reduced potency part of the node.

In case it matters, this is in map 7, I run delirium paths. it is happening with all fights I use magneto in. I have a galaxy S20+. Android 10.


  • horrendous_toohorrendous_too Posts: 114 ★★

    Here is a picture of magneto with 3 gene splicing cross fights.
  • KapitzKapitz Posts: 59
    I second this; reading the node it definitely doesn't function the way I expected it to. Going in yesterday, I expected Gene Splicing to essentially function as an incentive to run suicides/Willpower on each and every Mutant as after the first fight, you'd spend the next 3 with Willpower healing from 100% reduced potency bleed and poison. Instead, it's made using Omega Red (the poster child of suicides) kinda awful to use as it constantly purifies the bleed and stops your Death Field.

    As it currently functions, I don't really see how this "empowers" anyone aside from maybe making paths like Clapback, Incinerate or Freezer Burn slightly better, but you'd still likely be wanting an immune champ who doesn't benefit anyway so you don't suffer the 5 seconds of damage before the purify.
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    I realize I posted this on the weekend. But it would be nice to know if this was the intended behavior. If it is, then I do not understand making it a cross fight ability. As the cross fight part of it does nothing now since you shrug the new debuffs in every fight.
  • also another question, i did not see this one working with longshot :
    X-ercise Dominance: All #X-Men tagged Attackers gain a 100% chance to gain a 1 second Unblockable Passive when launching a Special Attack. If this champions Special Attack Breaks the opponents Block gain a Passive Fury granting +1500 Attack for 10 seconds.

    longshot and magik are tagged "x-men"
  • horrendous_toohorrendous_too Posts: 114 ★★
    So we are now ending the second week of having gene splicing. Should we just assume that this is the intended way the global is supposed to work?
  • horrendous_toohorrendous_too Posts: 114 ★★
    We are back to gene splicing global again. And still no word if this duplication of the crossfight is intended. Just is really annoying to not be able to use magneto's ability to be bleed resistant to heal in aq. Any word on if this was the intended plan would be nice
  • cgagecgage Posts: 4
    Definitely seems like a bug. The poison from Liquid Courage is working exactly as the node describes, but for some reason the bleed from Double edge is not affected by any existing cross-fight bleed immunity. So instead of this node making every mutant viable with suicides, it pretty much only benefits Colossus and White Mags.
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    Trying to revive this thread to see if anyone has an explanation to this
  • Graves_3Graves_3 Posts: 873 ★★★★
    Takes bleed damage despite the cross fight being active 3 times
  • horrendous_toohorrendous_too Posts: 114 ★★
    At this point I am just ignoring the mutant nodes. None of them work the way I would expect and none of them make a mutant viable for a path they were not already viable for. So at this point I just look for the foresight global and everything else is just noise.
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