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Alliance war suggestions for fair matchmaking

I think war matchmaking should be based off of alliance prestige instead of war rating. I've been with my alliance since early 2019 and even as far as we've come individually we cannot break passed silver2. Whenever we do get to silver1 we're met with a team that is way too strong for us as good as we are. I think that's completely unfair. The whole war system is built to keep us where we're at it feels like. Currently the alliance we're at war with has a prestige of almost 8,300 while ours is right around 6,700. I asked them why they're not silver 1 when they should be and they replied with "bad matchmaking I guess". That was a pure example why I feel like this system is not meant for us to move up but a safeguard and sure way for us to spend money to level up and grow our rosters in the hope's of getting to silver 1 but from what I witnessed I'll have to be with my alliance another few years to even hope to get there without spending ridiculous amounts of money. Think about us or fix your rewards.


  • naikavonnaikavon Posts: 274 ★★★
    We've already had matchmaking based upon prestige. If you truly believe the current system is unfair, why suggest an unfair system to replace it?

    Could it be you're not really interested in improving the system but rather manipulating one that is fairer for you?

    If you truly want a "fair" system, try and think like you're someone who has played for over 5 years and has a large and robust roster. Would the system you envision be fair to them? Then look at it from your own perspective and see if it's "fair".

    Otherwise, all you are doing is trying to get a system that is beneficial to yourself and merely robs Peter to pay Paul. There could be better systems out there but it's gonna take actual thinking.
  • asgardian505asgardian505 Posts: 6
    You make it seem Like I haven't been playing for that long. I didn't get the title for players who been playing since the beginning but the one following that. I just never knew how the system worked before just know how the system works now and it does feel unfair when you're playing against an alliance whose worst guy is nearly double the strength of your best guy. Don't be toxic dude.
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