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Design your own Cavalier level solo event...

SquirrelguySquirrelguy Posts: 622 ★★★
So, I thought it would be interesting to see what the community could come up with since I seem to remember a lot of people not absolutely loving what Kabam has come out with for the 10% T5CC Solo Event. The second event was based on having a <10,000 team rating to defeat the side quest three times, which I found pretty fun. Obviously it cannot be the exact same with this side quest, but the premise is that the event should somehow relate to monthly content, not like Act 6.

I thought this would be a constructive way to not whine about it being out yet, as I do understand those people desperately wanting just a bit more T5CC to get to Thronebreaker status.

My pitch for a solo event, which would have a 10% selector (because this is my thread so I can dream what I want), is that the Summoner would have to solo each of the boss fights in the Cav event quest with 2 different champions each (not sure how they could actually keep track of this in game, but who cares). For example, you could use ghost to solo Human Torch and Spider Ham, but you would also have to run them again and this time use quake for Spider Ham. You would have to take the defender from full health down to a KO with one champion, not "almost" KO them but have actually taken off 5% with someone else. I feel like this is a challenge with reasonable difficulty, but does not require a niche roster or anything.

Anyways, feel free to criticize my idea, or throw one out there yourself!
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