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R5 Skill decision

I have been waiting for NF with a skill gem in hand for a while now. I will save the gem for him but I the only R5 skill I have is Stealthy, so I need another one for Class balance. Currently focused on Act 6 completion, Variants, CavEQ, and Side Quests. (No LOL or Abyss yet). I was going to take duped CMM to R5 but figured I'd explore these options.

R5 Skill decision 13 votes

Hit-Monkey (Unduped)
Aegon (Sig 82)
RaganatorAlex13369TJ82Wicket329Hector_1475EtjamaOGAvengerEwell65SSS69MasterpuffCharlie21540BlackTuranDj_Funk 12 votes
Stick with CMM and wait for NF
Renaxqq 1 vote


  • Hector_1475Hector_1475 Posts: 950 ★★★
    Aegon (Sig 82)
    Take Aegon and then CMM to R5. Fury can remain lower as a synergy piece. His time will come.
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