Tired of slow AQ/AW? Or of being most active in your alliance? 3.8M ally should be your new home

Tired of waiting for a slow alliance mate to power down your node? Tired of being by far the most active in your alliance? Want to join a group that can keep up?

Very active, climbing alliance looking for 1-2 good additions. Whether you already have a highly rated roster or are quickly building one (bare minimum no 3*s in profile...), we'd love to have you join our fun, mature, and lively group to advance together.

AQ/AW focus (map 3 now, map 4/5 soon). Hit SA easily every week (better rewards than the hoarders).

Use Discord app to coordinate - ask that you communicate well and participate often. If interested add me in game (SWGOH Mos Def), on Discord (mosdef1981#0118), or on Line (mosdef1981).

Look forward to hearing from you.
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