The game team has resolved this issue. Keys will be distributed via in-game messages and the quest timer will be extended.
More information and timeline here.
*This includes currently unclaimable keys as well*
As previously announced, the team will be distributing an additional point toward milestones to anyone who completed the Absorbing Man fight in the first step of the Winter of Woe.
This point will be distributed at a later time as it requires the team to pull and analyze data.
The timeline has not been set, but work has started.

Game down again?

bdawg923bdawg923 Posts: 746 ★★★★
Keep getting connection errors and disconnections


  • GamerGamer Posts: 9,768 ★★★★★
    Yes down
  • SteveMSteveM Posts: 185
    Same here
  • Canrdboy36Canrdboy36 Posts: 74
    I just love down time
  • NuclekerrNuclekerr Posts: 190
    Me too
  • Fluffy_pawsFluffy_paws Posts: 2,677 ★★★★★
    yep me too
  • Agent_X_zzzAgent_X_zzz Posts: 4,494 ★★★★★
    Game is down again yep.
  • DönerminoDönermino Posts: 94
    Also down for me.
  • FR33_HUG5FR33_HUG5 Posts: 1,196 ★★★★
    Was in the middle of running a halls of fortune. So much for that.
  • Scopeotoe987Scopeotoe987 Posts: 1,546 ★★★★★
    It’s down!
  • Texas_11Texas_11 Posts: 2,638 ★★★★★
  • ch4rnch4rn Posts: 275 ★★
  • New_Noob168New_Noob168 Posts: 1,559 ★★★★
    It's not just down..it looks like I need to login again and it lost all my settings.
  • FR33_HUG5 said:

    Was in the middle of running a halls of fortune. So much for that.

    Same. Shame on me for leaving it last minute but how dare I expect the game to remain functioning 🙄
  • MattstafariMattstafari Posts: 687 ★★★
    edited December 2020
    Yup, connection issues.

    I really hope I don't lose my quest progress. I'm trying to do v5 and it's been a pain to get to where I am.
    Last time the game went down, my quest progress got wiped.
  • Jmd82Jmd82 Posts: 60
    Agent_T said:

    Jmd82 said:

    What have kabam actually done with the cyber weekend takings. Was it a case of lining their own pockets, as it looks like the servers could have used some of that cash.

    Did you not see that 6th Anniversary trailer?
    Nope does that explain my concerns.
  • CompEngEvFanCompEngEvFan Posts: 27
    I have 2 accounts. One works, one doesn't.
  • elmj001elmj001 Posts: 20
    It’s a ****-shoot lately! Just plan on it crashing!
  • Is the game down now ? I can’t seem to be able to log in ....
  • CASrinivasCASrinivas Posts: 944 ★★★
    We don't want any additional Compensation Just Fix the Game as soon as Possible
  • elmj001elmj001 Posts: 20
    C. R. A. P. Shoot
  • MasterpuffMasterpuff Posts: 6,463 ★★★★★
    I probably timed out of aq by now. Just a guess.
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